7 Surprising Reasons Why Stress Can Be Healthy For You!

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Are you surprised by reading the title? Well, most of us would be, because we know for a fact that stress can have negative effects on our health! However, can a small amount of stress be good for you?

Now, the word 'stress' has become rather colloquial lately and people use the term often to describe their state of mind!

Stress can be described as a condition in which a person's mental or emotional calmness is disturbed due to strain, pressures, worry and other demanding circumstances.

In today's world, where most people experience a lot of pressure and competition, stress has become a common phenomenon seen in people, regardless of age and gender.

Even young kids are known to experience stress, due to their demanding study requirements.

Some of the common symptoms of stress are, unhappiness, depression, loss of focus, lack of appetite, headache, fatigue, loneliness, etc. In fact, many major diseases have been associated with stress.

However, a recent research study has found that low levels of stress can actually have a number of health benefits.

Have a look at this article to find out how stress can be healthy for you!

1. Improves Brain Health

is stress healthy for you

A research study has claimed that short periods of stress can actually aid the production of healthier brain cells, and also increase alertness.

2. Improves Memory

is stress healthy for you

Stress can be healthy for you because it allows your brain cells to multiply, thereby boosting your cognitive functions and memory skills to a considerable extent.

3. Boosts Energy

is stress healthy for you

Short-term stress can can sometimes stimulate the production of adrenaline in your brain, especially if it is coupled with anxiety, thus boosting your energy levels.

4. Increases Libido

is stress healthy for you

Stress can be good for your libido, because when you are stressed, the brain craves for a way to release the frustration and this impulse of the brain can create sexual arousal in a person.

5. Improves Immune System

is stress healthy for you

While it is true that chronic stress can harm our immune system, short-term stress is known to keep our immune system active, thereby keeping us free of certain ailments.

6. Boosts Confidence

is stress healthy for you

Due to the adrenaline produced in the brain when we are experiencing anxiety-related stress, it can help increase our confidence levels, especially before a speech, presentation, etc.

7. Prepares You For High-Stress Situations

is stress healthy for you

People who have experienced short-term stress are more likely to adapt well during high-stress situation, as their brain is already used to that impulse.

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Story first published: Friday, November 4, 2016, 11:52 [IST]
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