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#ThisHappened2019: Biggest Moments On Twitter In India
Since 2019 is about to end and many of us are already nostalgic about what went this year, the Twitter end-of-year reflection is a way that can help you in going through the memory lanes of the incidents that happened ...
Biggest Moments In India On Twitter

NCBS Study Reveals Stress Can Affect The Removal Of Fear Memory
A recent experiment on rats shows that chronic stress can have several significant effects on behaviour and brain morphology. A group of researchers from National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru, conducted a study on male Wistar rats. According to the ...
Memory Loss: Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment
Do you feel like you have been more absent-minded and forgetful lately? If yes, then there may be a few surprising reasons for your memory loss, apart from a common ailment like Alzheimer's disease. Forgetfulness in normal, we all have it. ...
Memory Loss Types Causes Diagnosis Treatment
8 Effective Brain Exercises To Improve Your Memory
The human brain is the most complex organ, the command centre of the human nervous system. Being the central organ, the brain controls most of the bodily activities and help the process, integrate and coordinate information. With time and age, the ...
10 Foods To Boost Your Memory
The brain is the most important organ of the body. It is responsible for the beating of your heart, releasing hormones, and regulating blood pressure. The brain is also one of the organs that uses around 20% of the body's calories. ...
Foods For Increasing Memory Power
9 Foods That Cause Memory Loss
A study finding has found that trans fats may play havoc with your memory and also increase your cholesterol levels. The researchers found younger men who consumed high levels of trans fat performed more poorly in a memory test. The study ...
The Effects Of Ageing On The Brain
Every system in the body changes inevitably as we age. These changes also include the components of the nervous system. Brain ageing can be considered to be unavoidable to some extent, but not uniform. Ageing affects every brain differently. Throughout one's ...
What Happens To Brain As We Age
Lesser Known Benefits Of Horsetail For Health, Hair & Skin
A member of the Equisetaceae family, horsetail plant has been used for its medicinal value since the prehistoric times. The herb is used in various cultures due to its healing properties. Horsetail has been used as a folk remedy for bladder ...
10 Tips To Improve Memory While Studying
This is the month where board exams of most of the schools and colleges have commenced. Students have been preparing themselves to give their best shot during the exams. Exams are the time, when you need to relax your mind and ...
10 Mind-blowing Health Benefits Of Raspberries
Raspberries, the vibrant red-coloured fruits, are exquisite and have a juicy taste, which makes it one of the most consumed fruits on the planet. The berries easily melt in your mouth due to their soft and sweet texture. They are found ...
Mind Blowing Health Benefits Of Raspberries
9 Tips To Keep Your Brain Active And Healthy
We may have noticed on many occasions that many people above the age of 70 usually have problems with memory and other such brain functions, right?Although not all older people struggle with memory problems, it does happen to many, more often ...
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