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Side Effects Of Iodine Deficiency On Health

By: Ajanta Sen

Iodine deficiency is a global health problem and a large number of the world population is suffering from this deficiency.

The modern world knows this disease by the name of Thyroid syndrome that is simply dangerous.

A large percentage of the world population is standing on the verge of facing this syndrome. It leads to various types of health disorders that leave a long-term impact on the human body.

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Usually, iodine is an essential element that is mandatory for the production and secretion of the Thyroid hormones. These hormones play a major role in the growth of the human body.

Since the body does not make iodine in any process of life, therefore iodine is an important part of the diet. Usually, the doctors suggest an intake of iodized salt to meet the supply of iodine to the body.

If the body does not get the required supply on a regular basis, then it suffers from Thyroid.

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The immediate impact can be seen in the form of an enlargement of the goitre gland that is also termed as thyroid gland.

Here are some of the symptoms of iodine deficiency that you must know about, have a look.



A patient of iodine deficiency faces a tremendous amount of fatigue even without working hard. This is a main symptom of this disease. Due to this, the person tries very hard to take rest whenever he/she finds time.


Muscle Cramps:

Apart from other factors, a person suffers more than 80% chances of getting cramps in his/her muscles if he/she is suffering from this deficiency. It is indeed a painful disease and it makes a person absolutely unable to move about freely, even for a short period of time.


Body Ache:

Pain in the body is yet another distinctive symptom for iodine deficiency or thyroid. The pain persists even if the patient takes the medicines on a regular basis. The pain is often too high to bear. Usually, the doctors prescribe mild pain-killing medications in order to get rid of the body ache.


Cyst Lump:

Among many distinctive symptoms of iodine deficiency, the growth of skin bumps can make you know that a person is suffering from thyroid or iodine deficiency. They may grow in any part of the body and their sizes may also vary from time to time and from one person to another. If you notice growth of such bumps in any part of the body, then you should visit the doctor immediately.



This is one of the most dangerous symptoms of iodine deficiency. It keeps the patients in a very weak condition in which they even find it difficult to sit for a while. They develop the habit of feeling sleepy all the time. It obviously decreases the ability to do work. Actually, it results due to less energy level to work.


Itchy And Scaly Skin:

Deficiency of iodine can cause dryness of the skin and due to that your body may develop scaly skin. It can be very itchy at times. Rashes may not be visible though. Itchy skin can be very embarrassing at times.


Dry Coarse Hair:

Due to coarseness of the skin, the hair also gets course. Application of hair oil may bring about some respite, but that can be for a short period only.


Weight Gain/Loss:

Iodine deficiency may cause either an excessive amount of weight gain or weight loss. Both can be dangerous, as both may have their own impact on the body.


Swollen Legs:

Usually, the elderly patients of thyroid suffer from swollen legs. The doctor advise them to sit by keeping both their legs on an upright platform to prevent the problem from causing trouble.



This can cause a dangerous impact that can prevent a woman from achieving the completeness of her character and personality. It prevents women from getting the divine feeling or experience of motherhood.


Poor Memory:

Poor memory can be another root symptom of iodine deficiency. It may cause loads of anxieties among the students if they happen to become a victim of this deficiency disease. The doctors may advise them a certain dose of medication for a certain period of time.

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