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7 Physical Signs Of Depression You Must Never Ignore!

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Most of us may be familiar with the common mental ailment - depression, right? Well, did you know that depression doesn't just have mental symptoms, but also certain physical signs?

Yes, it is indeed a fact, as many research studies and surveys on this subject have shown that along with the usual psychological symptoms associated with depression, there are also a few physical symptoms that many people suffering from depression may experience.

As we know, depression is a mental condition in which a person feels an intense sense of sadness, hopelessness and other such negative symptoms that can hamper his/her well-being.

Some of the most common causes for depression are hormonal imbalance, heredity, work pressure, dysfunctional relationships, abusive environments, lack of purpose, bereavement, etc.

Although most of us tend to experience some level of depression, during the course of our lives, it tends to get better soon.

Only when depression is in a more intense form and affects the person's life in a major way, it can lead to a problem.

So, here are some of the physical symptoms of depression that you must not ignore.


1. Back Pain

One of the physical symptoms of depression is back pain, as the muscles of the back tend to tighten and tense, causing pain.


2. Stiffness In The Neck

Many people suffering from depression experience stiffness in the neck, due to the contraction of the muscles and also sometimes as a sideeffect of anti-depressants.


3. Weight Fluctuations

The chemical imbalance triggered in the brain due to depression can cause appetite fluctuations in people, leading to extreme weight loss or weight gain.


4. Fatigue

Another physical symptom of depression is experiencing an extreme form of physical exhaustion, in which the people do not even have the energy to get out of bed!


5. Skin Allergies

Rashes, skin inflammation,itching, etc., can also be the physical symptoms of depression.


6. Indigestion

Stomach issues like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc., can also be caused due to the hormonal fluctuations triggered by depression.


7. Tooth Decay

A research study has claimed that people experiencing depression can also experience issues like cavities and tooth decay.

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Story first published: Monday, December 19, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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