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Men Alert! Pain During Intercourse Could Mean....


Romance is the most beautiful aspect of human life but what if it pains to have fun in bed? Well, you would then be scared of romance and everything that is related to intercourse.

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Generally, occasional pain or burning sensation during penetration could be ignored but intense pain every time in bed can't be ignored.


There are certain health reasons that could cause pain during the act and men should be aware of those reasons.

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Firstly, it is better to contact your physician and get yourself examined to rule out any serious reasons. Also, it is better to stop intercourse until you find out the real reason that caused you pain when you are trying to make love to your soul mate.

Now, let us discuss about some possible reasons behind the pain.



Yes, even urinary tract infection could also cause pain during intercourse. Treatment is necessary in such a case.


Yeast Infection

Even men suffer from yeast infection. It can actually spread from a woman to a man and cause the pain. The infection in women could be due to poor hygiene or usage of certain medications.



Psoriasis can also affect the skin on the manhood and cause the pain during romantic activities.



Some men are sensitive to chemicals in soaps. Certain products cause the allergy and it could pain the manhood especially during penetration.



Certain STDs like Herpes and Gonnorrhea cause lots of pain and they may also spread to the partner when there are sores on the manhood!


Tight Foreskin

Some men are born with tight foreskin which causes lots of pain during intercourse. A surgeon may solve the problem by prescribing lubricants or circumcision.



When inflammation occurs in the prostrate, men experience pain and burning sensation even when they urinate. This condition could impact a man's bed life as it could pain him.



Injuries during vigorous love making could also be a reason. When the skin gets torn or irritated, it could cause pain. It is better to avoid romance till you get the wounds treated.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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