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Benefits Of Not Wearing Underwear

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Yes, in summer, an underwear could literally suffocate and fry your privates. At the same time, all of us are so used to wearing them throughout the year that we are scared what would happen if we don't wear them.

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Also, there are certain misconceptions that make us think twice before going commando. Firstly, remember that not wearing anything inside isn't good for all occasions. Sometimes, wearing an underwear surely serves its purpose and sometimes, it doesn't.

Note: Men who are into lifting weights or running fast or doing any physical work SHOULD wear an underwear. Otherwise, one single wrong step could cause a medical emergency. Your privates need protection when you are doing anything that is physically taxing.

Also, men who need to work in public places, who are into marketing may need to meet many people during the day. Such men can't avoid wearing an underwear as it would be indecent to let the bulge in your pants be obvious.

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But men who are in sedentary jobs which require less movement and men who are relaxing in a vacation spot or on the couch at home can put their inner garments aside.

When it comes to women, there are times when they can skip and there are times when they must wear one. You may not want to try such an act especially when you are wearing short clothes and attending social events.


For Men

Your manhood will breathe some air for a while. Remember that you tend to suffocate it 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Not really good. When you leave it free, the blood circulation also improves.


For Women

The ecosystem around your privates will get a chance to cleanse the private parts when you give some relief. Also, the area will stay cool and dry when you let some air into it. In fact, it is good to go to bed without wearing an underwear.


For The Well-Being Of Sperm

When a man's privates are always sealed in an underwear, the temperature tends to kill the sperm. Men who are planning to conceive must let their privates breathe easy at least during the night.


No Irritation And Lines On Skin

Tight underwear form lines on skin. They can also cause irritation and redness in those areas.


Prevent Infections

Certain types of micro organisms that cause infection generally require moist conditions. When you wear something all the time, no air penetrates into those areas and this could cause certain types of yeast infections.


Great Sex Life

Men can experience slightly better erections when they let their privates loose and women too report better satisfaction when they occasionally maintain distance with the inner garments.


No Itching

Those who suffer itching sensation all the time near their privates can try going commando for a period of time.


For Women: No VPL

When you wear nothing inside your pants, there will not be any visible panty lines that embarrass you.

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