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How Fibre-Rich Food Saves Your Life

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Many health experts perceive fibre as a broom that can clean the human body literally. In fact, fibre does exactly that. It cleanses your intestinal tract. Lack of enough fibre in your diet may cause colon cancer.

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The fibre that can be dissolved in water is known as soluble fibre. The type that cannot be dissolved is known as insoluble fibre.

For optimal health, it is good to consume both the types in balance. Many health estimates have proved that eating sufficient fibre can significantly reduce the risk of many diseases.

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In fact, the death rate tends to come down in people who consume healthy fibre rich food. Also, fibre can absorb water and keep you feel full for longer. This will prevent you from over eating and therefore saves you form obesity.

Now, here are some facts about fibre.


Fact #1

The benefit of insoluble fibre is that it gets attached to certain types of waste material in your body. This will effortlessly pass the stools out of your body and may reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, cancer and even hearts issues.


Fact #2

Certain estimates suggest that most of us get only 15 gms of it on a daily basis. The actual recommended amount is around 30 gms a day.


Fact #3

The human digestive tract measures nearly around 25-27 feet. Fibre is useful in moving the wastes out of the body.


Fact #4

The benefit of soluble fibre is that it can reduce your bad cholesterol levels.


Fact #5

When it comes to soluble fibre, the best sources include: barley, peas, oat bran, oats, prunes, citrus, potatoes, apples and strawberries.


Fact #6

You get dietary fibre only through plants. Meat doesn't provide any fibre.


Fact #7

Is excessive fibre consumption dangerous? Yes, it might cause bloating and diarrhea. Your body might then fail to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.


Fact #8

When you eat more fibre, you might also need to consume more water to move the fibre through your body and out of it.


Fact #9

Your daily sources of insoluble fibre are: raw vegetables, fruits, bran, nuts, brown rice, and legumes.


Fact #10

A study claims that if people who never had sufficient fibre in their diet suddenly eat it enough, they can minimsie their colon cancer risk by 41%.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 8:09 [IST]
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