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Padmasana To Beat Stress

Posted By: Staff

Fast moving life, competition, work pressure and other associated tension are a few among the major reasons that can give rise to stress. The moment you get stressed, you tend to get irritated, feel tired, find difficultly in sleeping and concentrating.

Added to this, you tend to have a headache, find difficulty in breathing and you start trembling as well. Yet another problem that might crop up is the rise in blood pressure. If not taken care of on time, stress might also lead to other major health problems as well.

There needs to be a proper balance in our body in order to keep away the stress. There are several stress-management methods that people could take up.

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Of all the options available for the management of stress, yoga is one that has proved to be extremely helpful. It not just helps to lower the stress level but also helps to cope up with the existing stress.

Padmasana is one of the best yoga asanas that helps you beat stress, relax your mind and body and the entire nervous system.

Padmasana is a term derived from the Sanskrit word 'padma' which means lotus and 'asana' which means seat or throne. It has been practised since ancient times by the rishis for meditation purposes too.

It isn't just stress, but padmasana has proved to be helpful in strengthening the hips, muscles and spines too.

It has proved helpful in toning the pelvic region and for those who practice padmasana during pregnancy, it has been extremely helpful for them in achieving an easy childbirth.

Step-wise Procedure To Perform Padmasana

1. Sit on the floor or on a mat with your head kept straight and spine erect. Your legs should be stretched out.

Padmasana To Beat Stress

2. Then, try to bend the right knee, hold the right leg with your hands and place it on your left thigh.

3. Ensure that your foot is close to the abdomen and touching the navel.

Padmasana To Beat Stress

4. Take your left leg and place it on the right thigh.

5. Place your hands on the knees and make certain mudras with your hands.

Padmasana To Beat Stress

6. Keep your head straight and spine erect all throughout.

7. Take a long, deep breath and sit in the same position for sometime.

8. Change the leg position and repeat the pose.

Padmasana To Beat Stress

9. Slowly open the palms and release the legs back to the normal position.

Practice this asana for 10-15 minutes every day and you will witness positive results in terms of stress management.

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Other Benefits Of The Asana
Aids in a better digestion process
Helps relax the mind
Reduces discomfort, especially in menstruating women
Relieves tension, stress and anxiety

For those who have knee or ankle injury, they need to avoid padmasana or else practice it under the guidance of a yoga instructor.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 2, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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