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How to Keep Your Mind Calm And Stress Free

By: Debdatta Mazumder

In today’s world, if there is anyone who is completely stress free, it is either the newborns or monks. Yes, stress is the inseparable part of a human’s life.

From the school-going kids to a retired person, it is impossible to live a life without having any tension and anxiety. As stress is a response to the happenings of the outside world, it becomes difficult to control it always.

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Sometimes, life brings such situations that are completely out of control and you’ve nothing to do except being stressed out.

But, being anxious only harms your physical and mental stability. Along with increasing your blood pressure and sugar level, it has other adverse effects on your body and mind too.

You must have experienced that when you are stressed, you lose your ability of rational thinking. So, how to keep your mind calm and stress free?

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There are several things that you can do to keep your mind calm. First, you need to make it clear that stressing out won’t give you any solution for the current trouble.

With simple tips to keep your mind calm, you can keep yourself relaxed when a situation is not in your hands. Hold on and the wind will again blow from your side. Here are some simple tips to keep your mind calm. Read on to know how.


1. Let It Go:

In some situation, you think you've reached to a blind alley and there is no way out. Life is not like that. This cannot be the end of the world. So, if you think you're stuck, just let go the time and situation. This is how to keep your mind calm and stress free.


2. Take A Deep Breath:

This method will always help you to become stress free. Take a deep breath whenever you find yourself in an adverse situation. Imagine that all negatives are going out of your mind while exhaling. Now, approach to the matter. You can better handle the situation.


3. Happy Eating:

If you feel low, you should have complex carbohydrates for mood elevation. Look for starchy components like whole grain breads, potatoes, cereals, corn, etc, as these help in releasing serotonin, a happy hormone to uplift your mood and reduce stress. Isn't it one of the simple tips to keep your mind calm?


4. Set Small Goals:

Chasing a large goal is time consuming and you may get tired and anxious about the result. Why not divide it into mini goals instead? For example, if you plan on losing weight within a year, concentrate on your every week's diet and exercise regimen.


5. Meditate:

This is one of the best ways of how to keep your mind calm and stress free. Make time every day from your busy schedule and meditate for a while. It will cleanse your mind from the negative thoughts and fill you with enough positive ones. Do it at any open space every early morning.


6. Stop Aiming For Perfection:

No one is perfect in this world. If you're not, then don't be tensed. You can only try to be an expert at your field, but achieving complete perfection is never possible. So, stop being demanding in life.


7. Sleep Well:

Maximum reasons of being stressed out seem nothing big after a good sleep. While sleeping, your body heals from stress and anxiety and restores your energy for the next go. Try it and you'll know how to keep your mind calm and stress free.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 24, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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