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Not Having Intercourse Regularly Can Cause These Health Problems!

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While it is a fact that human beings are wired to desire sexual intercourse, it is also true that some of us may not be able indulge in intercourse on a regular basis. Did you know that not having sex regularly can cause certain health problems?

Yes! As we know, all animals, including human beings, have certain basic instincts, without which they cannot survive.

Hunger, thirst, self-preservation and even the instinct to desire sex are all basic instincts that come naturally to us, as humans need to procreate.

So, it is very natural and normal for us to have sexual desires; however, many a times, due to various reasons people may not be able to indulge in having sex on a regular basis.

Stress, certain strong religious beliefs about sex, lack of a partner, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, lack of sex drive, etc., can prevent a person from making love often.

So, have a look at how not having sexual intercourse on a regular basis can affect your health negatively.


1. Depression

Endorphins, or the "feel good" hormones are released in your brain during sex, so not having a healthy sex life can make you more prone to depression and frustration.


2. Penile Length Decreases

A research study has suggested that when a man does not indulge in sex for a very long time, there will be a lack of regular erections, that can cause the penile tissues to shrink and lose their elasticity.


3. Erectile Dysfunction

Another health problem associated with not having intercourse for a long time is erectile dysfunction, a common sexual disorder seen in men.


4. Loss Of Libido

Both men and women, when they abstain from sex for a long time, can experience a loss of sex drive or libido, as they tend to get out of the habit of desiring sex.


5. Reduced Immunity

Another research study has found that regular sex can strengthen your immune system to a great extent, so not having intercourse can make you more prone to ailments.


6. Prone To Prostate Cancer

A survey has found that men who ejaculate by having regular sex, for more than 21 times a month have a lowered risk of developing prostate cancer, compared to the men who ejaculate just about 4-5 times a month!


7. Menstrual Cramps

Another problem that women can experience when they do not have sex on a regular basis is worsening of their menstrual cramps, as making love is known to reduce this symptom!

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Story first published: Friday, December 16, 2016, 12:08 [IST]
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