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Why Is The National Eye Donation Day Celebrated?

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National Eye-Donation Fortnight starts from 25 August and continues till 8 September. It is celebrated every year. The objective of this day is to promote the act of eye donation.

Eye donation is considered as a great act as it offers vision to those who is deprived of normal eye sight. In order to create awareness in the people, various events are conducted during this fortnight in various places of India.

Why Is Eye Donation Important

Some surveys state that more than 4 million people in India are suffering eye related disorders and blindness. But unfortunately, the rate of eye donations is every less. Only one out of 100 people who are blind is able to find donated vision.

Why Is Eye Donation Important3

In order to reduce this gap, this event is being conducted. Unfortunately, every year nearly 20,000 cases of blindness are being registered in hospitals.

Why Is Eye Donation Important2

The reasons could be accidents, malnutrition or genital issues- but the problem is, the number of donors are limited and this is making it tough to control the blindness in the nation. This is the reason why National Eye-Donation Fortnight is being observed all over the nation.

Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 6:39 [IST]
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