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Why Some Women Put Lemon In Socks?

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Some folk remedies sound meaningless but if they really work and do a good job in healing you, what else would you ask for?

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Well, this is one such remedy which could surprise you as there is no clear logic behind how it might work. Well, does it have any side effects? Of course no. But if you have sensitive skin or if you hate the smell of lemons, avoid it.

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Yes, the remedy involves putting lemon in socks. Some women do it every night. Read on to know how and why.


Step #1

Firstly, take a lemon and cut into two pieces. The size of the lemon should be fairly big. Squeeze the lemon pieces and remove the juice. Drink the lemon juice and finish it off. You don't need that juice for this remedy.


Step #2

Now take those drained lemon peels and place them over your heels. Ensure that your heels are covered. Cover areas where your heels have cracks.


Step #3

Now wear socks as usual. The chemical compounds in the lemon will heal your dry skin and those cracks.



You can't move around with a lemon in your socks during daytime. So, do this during the night at bedtime to avoid any inconvenience.


Bonus Tip

Also, place a lemon slice next to your bed before sleeping. The smell of the lemon may make you feel relaxed.



Having the smell of lemon in your bedroom could also help you cope up with insomnia according to some sources.


In The Morning...

After you wake up in the morning, you will find your cracks healing. The skin over there turns soft. Continue this remedy for a few days till you see any results.

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