7 Types Of Jobs That Have The Highest Rates Of Depression!

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We do hear quite often that many people develop depression due to their jobs, right? Well, it is true and several research studies have claimed that there are a few types of jobs that come with the highest rates of depression among employees.

Now, it is quite common for most of us with hectic jobs to feel frustrated and down now and then; however, it becomes a major problem when a person experiences symptoms of depression on a regular basis because of his/her job!

As we all are aware of, these days, most kind of jobs are very stressful and go on for long hours!

Due to the lucrative salaries offered and the potential to up the career ladder quickly, people tend to put in all their energy into their work, forgetting that it is important to unwind!

The targets, deadlines, etc, that come along with a hectic job only puts the employee under more pressure, making him/her experience extreme stress that can definitely graduate into depression.

So, here is a list of jobs with the highest depression rates, have a look!

1. Residential Nurse

jobs that cause depression

Jobs that cause depression include residential nursing, where the care-taker has to live with the patients and take care of their every need. This job can take up a lot of time and energy, leaving no personal time, thus causing depression.

2. Restaurant-Waiting

jobs that cause depression

Being a waiter at a restaurant can also cause depression among employees, as it is one of the most under-paid jobs and it involves long hours of standing and taking orders from people!

3. Social Work

jobs that cause depression

Although many people do it out of sheer passion, social work can cause depression at times if it involves dealing with abuse victims, prostitutes, beggars, etc.

4. Writing

jobs that cause depression

Another profession that is linked to depression is writing. Many a times, writers experience mental blocks and may not be able to work, thus causing depression.

5. Art-related Jobs

jobs that cause depression

Be it painting, singing, dance, etc., art-related jobs can also lead to depression due to various reasons like an unstable salary, creative blocks, etc. It can be noted that many popular artists have suffered from depression and other psychological ailments!

6. Field Of Medicine

jobs that cause depression

Another profession that can cause depression is the field of medicine, as doctors are under high pressure due to the fact that someone else's life is dependent on their advice and expertise!

7. Administrative Assisting

jobs that cause depression

'Admins' or assistants to people who are in higher positions, such as the CEO, Vice President, etc., can also be prone to depression, as they have stressful jobs that require their constant attention!

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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