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7 Ways To Strengthen Bones Naturally

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When you are in growing age, your bones tend to be strong but after crossing 25 years of age, bone development tends to slow down.

As your age increases, even bone loss may occur. And once you are in your middle age, your bones tend to get fragile if your lifestyle isn't active enough and your diet doesn't provide you enough calcium.

That is the reason why it is better to know how to strengthen your bones so that you can slow down the bone loss that actually occurs with age.


Tip #1

It is better to start strengthening your bones when you are young instead of waiting till you reach middle age. Today, many people are suffering bone related issues even before they cross 35. So, start controlling weight and eat healthy foods while you are still in the right age.


Tip #2

You need vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium. So, get some sunlight, eggs, orange juice, fish or at least vitamin D supplements.


Tip #3

Quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Such habits may speed up your bone depletion with age. Habits which hinder calcium intake or absorption are bad for bones.


Tip #4

Get more calcium from your foods. Your bones need this mineral. Yoghurt, cheese, leafy greens are good options. Also, consume almonds and fish.


Tip #5

Ensure that you work out regularly. Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of osteoporosis. Running, dancing and aerobics are good for your bone health.


Tip #6

Even excessive salt intake is also linked to calcium loss. Avoid processed foods which are generally high in salt content.


Tip #7

Avoid both coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Though the exact reason is not yet known, many health experts recommend reducing caffeine intake.

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