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Solve Your Circulation Problems In 15 Minutes

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Inactivity can cause several problems and one of them is poor blood circulation. If your diet is also poor then you may have to pay a heavy price.

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When the blood circulation is not up to the mark, many tissues in your body may lack enough of oxygen and nutrients. Also, cholesterol issues and fat in your blood stream could eventually kill you if you don't take action on time.

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Here are a few ways to counter the issue. Even simple exercises can show results when done every day. Carefully, try any of these if your doctor gives a nod.



Every day, after you wake up, spend a few minutes gently stretching your body carefully. It helps your muscles and also stimulates blood circulation.


Joint Exercise

Perform this workout: Stand on your feet and gently raise your heels and hold that position for 10 seconds. While doing this, gently tighten the calf area to get its benefits. Repeat this workout 8-10 times.


Feet Rotation

When you are in the sitting position, gently rotate your foot 10 times and repeat the same with the other foot too.


Push Ups

Even if you do 10 push ups every morning, it will keep you energetic for the whole day.



Walking helps stimulate blood circulation in the whole body and may also relax your muscles.



Swimming engages all your bones, muscles and joints. It can also boost oxygen supply to your heart.



Yoga is good for enhancing blood circulation to all your muscles. Breathing techniques help your body breathe in more oxygen.



You don't need to be a dancer to just dance to any tune. It helps boost blood circulation and also helps burn lots of calories.

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