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Tips For Desk Jockeys

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Desk jockeys are those who work from nine to five in a cubicle. Most of us are just that. We sit for 8 hours straight sometimes when we have deadlines.

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Before this sitting kills us, it is better to stand up and fight against it. Of course, you can't leave your job. It isn't possible as you have a family to support and lots of career goals that offer you the luxuries of life.

So, what do you do to escape the counter effects of too much of sitting? Well, there are some tips which might help in reducing the effects of a sedentary job. Here are they:


Take A Walk

If you are in a sedentary job, it helps your health if you take a walk every one hour. Even if it is just a walk till the coffee machine or your co-worker's table to just say hi, it helps. Don't sit for too long.


Eat Good Food

Say no to caffeine as it crashes your energies soon, though it may appear to give a boost. Say yes to salads, nuts and healthy foods if you are into a desk job.


Deal With Eye Strain

Your eyes tend to strain a lot if you constantly look at the monitor for too long. Your eyes need a break every 45 minutes. Keep your monitor at a long distance and ensure that you give a break to your eyes often by looking away occasionally.


Sit Straight

Your sitting posture may gradually affect your joints and back and may cause back pain and shoulder pain. So, sit straight and keep your body parts aligned naturally.


Go On A Vacation

Desk jobs need vacations often. At least once a year, escape to a holiday destination and don't use any gadgets during your break.


Stretch Often

If possible, stretch your body once an hour. Stand up and casually, stretch your whole body and see how refreshed you feel. It enhances your circulation.


Join A Gym

Sedentary jobs store all your calories as fat. When you have the habit of working out regularly, you can escape the belly fat that makes you ugly.

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Story first published: Monday, July 11, 2016, 8:15 [IST]
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