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How A Beach Is Good For Health

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Whenever you visit a beach, you are doing a favour to your health without your knowledge. That is why you tend to fall asleep effortlessly after coming back from beach.

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All water bodies like ponds, rivers and lakes offer profound healing effects to body mind and soul. In fact, when most of us dream of holiday spots, we tend to visualise a cottage in front of a beach.

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There is no other way we can visualise ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and joy. But we seldom know that the beach is providing most of the therapeutic effects when you go for a holiday. Let us discuss what a beach does to you....


Activates Your Brain

Certain studies claim that certain areas in your brain which are related to emotion and contemplation get activated when you are in a beach. That is why you feel like relaxing when you see a beach.


Positive Energy

Researchers say that the waves of sea generate charged ions that may help your body take in more oxygen and also boost serotonin. Maybe this is why we tend to feel good when we are around a beach.


Lowers Stress

The sound of the ocean waves can lower cortisol levels and this is why you can de-stress yourself near a beach.


Feel Secure

Looking at the vast surface of the ocean, human beings tend to feel safe and secure according to a research.



A walk on the beach can even de-clutter your mind and also burn some calories.


Muscles And Joints

Soaking yourself for sometime in salt water can soothe your joints and muscles. Also, it is good for your skin.


Sound Sleep

When you fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves, you tend to relax well and sleep happily which is good for your health.


Vitamin D

As you tend to get some sunlight, your body gets some vitamin D which is very important for your overall health.

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