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The Power Of Flexing Muscles

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There are certain benefits of flexing muscles and posing like a body builder even if you aren't one. This method works well when you have a habit of performing any exercise at home.

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How to try it? Well, soon after doing pushups, stand up and tighten your chest, shoulders and biceps for 20 seconds and release.

Soon after you do a leg workout, tighten all your leg muscles and release after 20 seconds. After a bicep work out, you can tighten your biceps and release after 20 seconds.

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Every time you tighten a specific muscle, imagine as if you are a body builder trying to pose. This will offer several benefits though it looks like an insignificant act. Here are the benefits.


Blood Circulation

Flexing muscles boosts the blood circulation to those muscles and this will help in more supply of oxygen and nutrients.


Stretches Muscles

A muscle that is stretched often, tends to be more efficient than a muscle that is seldom used.


Stimulates Muscles Growth

Muscles need stress and stimulation to grow. The right amount of tension created on a muscle can stimulate growth.


Strengthens Muscles

Tightened muscles can stay strong and be ready for action. Passively doing a workout can never offer the same benefits.


Enhances Flexibility

Your muscles tend to be flexible when they are properly stimulated. This will help you carry our your activities with ease.


Gives Definition

Flexed muscles are said to have a better definition and shape compared to muscles that are seldom flexed.


Helps Stay In Shape

Your overall shape gradually gets better and this may give you more confidence. Try this method if your gym trainer supervises you.

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Story first published: Friday, July 8, 2016, 8:25 [IST]
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