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Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

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Most of us aren't aware of what nutmeg can do to health. It contains many vitamins, minerals and certain other compounds that benefit your health.

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Nutmeg is also a good source of manganese, folate, vitamin B6, thiamin, copper and magnesium. You can include nutmeg in your diet by simply adding a small amount of grated nutmeg to your dishes like soups.

You just need to add only a pinch of its powder to your dishes to get its aroma, flavour and health benefits. You should never overuse it as there are some side effects of over consumption. They include, sweating, palpitations, hallucinations and other types of discomforts.

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Now, let us know about its health benefits.



Adding a pinch of nutmeg powder in a glass of milk and drinking it can enhance your sleep quality.



If you add a pinch of this powder to your dishes, it will give aroma, taste and also various nutrients that strengthen your immunity. Manganese, iron, calcium and potassium are present in nutmeg.



It contains certain medicinal properties which can clear digestive issues. Adding a pinch of nutmeg powder to your soup can keep your digestive system healthy.



Certain sources claim that a compound present in nutmeg known as 'myristicin' is said to prevent certain brain diseases like Alzheimer.



It can also speed up your blood circulation and can also soothe your kidneys. Some sources also claim that it can clean the liver.



Nutmeg is said to have the potential to cleanse toxins from the body. It is also said to contain a compound that can kill cancerous cells of certain types of cancer.


Other Benefits

It can eliminate bad breath, it can help in dissolving kidney stones and also strengthen your bones and lowers your blood pressure.

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