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Exercise Tips To Stay Fit During Ramzan

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Ramzan is a time when people from the Muslim community, across the globe, observe a month-long fast.

Two meals a day, one called the suhoor (the pre-dawn meal) and the other called iftar (taken after the sunset), is all that they eat. Then, throughout the day, they do not eat or drink water.

With the change in food habits and timings, many of them abstain themselves from their regular exercises for the whole month.

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However, this is totally incorrect. It is always good to do some light exercises for about 20-30 minutes, as this helps charge you for the whole day and you would also feel fresh, according to fitness experts.

When you fast for a month and then leave your exercises all at once for the month, then you might lose out on maintaining a healthy well-being and would damage your fitness scale.

It should be kept in mind that the exercises should never be stopped mid-way, in order to attain a healthy body and mind. One should try to adjust the timings for the exercise.

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As you break the fast, just have a few fruits and liquids. For example, one banana, half a cup of milk, a glass of water, a few pieces of watermelon or papaya, etc.

Give about an hour of break before you hit the gym or start your exercise regimen. Following the exercises, give about 45 minutes to one hour of gap and then have a proper meal.

Today, at Boldsky, we bring to you exercise tips that will help you to stay fit during the holy month of Ramzan. Have a look:


1. Don't Exercise During The Fasting Time:

It is not advisable to exercise or hit the gym during the fasting time on an empty stomach. This will lead to burning off the stored energy and would further make one weak.


2. Best Time To Exercise:

It is best to workout and exercise for about 20-30 minutes. The best time would be about an hour after you break the fast with some light fruits and liquid.


3. 10 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise:

Just about 10 minutes of walking, cycling or using treadmill, during Ramzan, would help improve the stamina for good and also help burn the calories.


4. Resistance Training Before Ramzan:

For those observing full one month of fasting during Ramzan, they could start off with a light resistance training for about 1-2 months before the start of the Ramzan period. This helps in building up muscle strength.


5. 10 Minutes Of Stretching:

During the fasting period, the muscles generally become stiff. A slight 10 minutes of stretching exercises can help provide flexibility to the body and also detoxify the body.


6. 10 Minutes Of Free Exercise:

One need not hit the gym to stay fit during Ramzan. They could just do light free exercises on the floor, like squats and push ups, right at home.This helps in making the body flexible.


7. Low-intense Exercises:

High-intense exercises like running, weight-lifting, etc, should be avoided during the Ramzan period. It is advisable to take up low-intense exercises, as these help in building up the stamina and, at the same time, burn calories.


8. Yoga And Meditation:

Apart from the regular exercises, yoga and meditation also help in the detoxification process and thereby also in gaining the inner strength. This helps in building up the stamina as well for the rest of the day.

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Story first published: Monday, June 13, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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