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Do This If You’re Suffering From Pain

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There are many types of pains. Some are simple whereas some are complex. But sometimes, even simple body pains cause lots of inconvenience.

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Imagine yourself bending all of a sudden to touch your pet dog. Your back suddenly aches and you scream with pain. What's the best remedy before you go to the doctor?

Well, applying ice on the affected area may relieve you a bit. If it doesn't work, you can anyways visit the doctor and get pain medication.

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So, here are some other simple remedies for various other minor pains which cause lots of inconvenience.


Bitter Melon

Indians eat bitter melon along with rice. It is good for diabetics as it can control blood sugar levels. It is also used externally on the skin to heal wounds.



If inflammation is the reason behind pain, then look no further. You need turmeric in your food. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can minimise swelling. Either use turmeric powder in your dishes or add it to your orange juice.


Heat And Ice

Another simple remedy for muscular pains is applying ice on the affected area or using a heat pack on the skin to get some relief from the pain.



What many people don't know is the fact that pepper mint is a good remedy for stomach pain. Simply chewing the leaves and drinking some water can heal stomach pain.



Indians use this spice in many tasty dishes. Cloves can heal many issues from common colds to headaches, nausea, inflammation and dental issues.



This Chinese practice can treat certain types of body pains. This method involves piercing needles in certain secret points of your body to relieve pain. Only an expert can do this. So, if there is no qualified expert in your vicinity, forget about this.


Willow Bark

Certain pains are caused by inflammation and willow bark is a good remedy. If you can find willow bark in your nearest store, boil it along with water and drink it. Back pain and headache can be relieved fast.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 21, 2016, 7:52 [IST]
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