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Ready To Revel In Durga Puja? One Small Tip, Take Care Of Your Diet During Celebrations

By: Shubham Ghosh

The Durga Puja season is here again. The festival means endless fun. Even the most disciplined among us care little about the diet and regime followed during the year. That's why we're sharing simple diet tips to be healthy this Durga Puja season. Read on.

Eating out twice or thrice in a day is an inseparable part of Durga Puja celebrations. From big hotels and restaurants to roadside stalls, foodies explore every option to satiate themselves during these four days.

While there should be no compromise with the fun as the occasion comes just once in a year, it is also important to keep a watch on your health during these four days, so that you don't suffer after the celebrations get over.

An uncontrolled intake of outside food can affect your body because of unhealthy content like high fat and calories, unhygienic preparations, staleness, poor-quality ingredients, etc.

Yet the mouthwatering food items are too tempting to overlook at, isn't it? So, have them, but also be cautious while having them.

Here are ways to keep yourself healthy during the Durga Puja season, take a look and do follow these tips.


1. Be A Smart Foodie:

Always have a calculative mind. As it is difficult to avoid fatty and fried foods in the presence of friends and family members, always think how can you balance it out by cutting down on other fatty sources. Just casually go for one less cup of tea laced with sugar or a cup of rice.


2. Drop Your Sweet Tooth:

As it is throughout the year, famous Bengali sweets are also a must during Durga Puja. Have control on your sweet appetite even in the middle of mad celebrations. Sugar-free sweets can be a good option to have instead.


3. Ignore The Tempting Roadside Syrups & Cut Down On Cold Drinks:

Since the Puja season is generally hot and humid, celebrations require a lot of stamina; and for that, cold drinks become a common favourite. But, avoid carbonated drinks, as they are not healthy. Also, say no to coloured sarbets that are sold at the roadside stalls. Carry lemon water from home or have coconut water instead.


4. Drink Enough Water:

Though similar to the above point, but it deserves a separate mention. Water is the most trusted cleaning agent and have it plenty while you hop the Puja pandals. It will keep you hydrated and healthy.


5. Have Enough Of Fruits & Vegetables:

Balance your food outside by opting for adequate vegetable dishes. Also, at home, take as much green, leafy vegetables as you can besides fruits. You can also carry fruits while on the run on the lit-up streets.


6. Carry On With Your Exercise Sessions:

We admit that the rules go out of the window during the Durga Puja days; but still, try to make it to the gym or do some freehand exercises or other physical activities. Daily exercising will burn the calories you have been taking during the Puja days.


7. Do Not Eat Much At Night:

Make it a point that you eat more during the daytime, even if you are out for the entire day and night. Taking heavy food in the morning will provide your body with the necessary nutrients as fuel. Also, eating heavy and junk food late in the night can affect your metabolism and create health complications.


8. Have Your Stomach Full Before You Leave For The Celebration Outside:

Leave home after having a proper meal, as an empty stomach for a long time will not only create gastric problems, but eating more junk outside will make you more susceptible to illness.

So, follow these basic rules and be in great shape during the Puja days. Also, make sure that your short celebration does not become a reason for long-term health complications.

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Story first published: Monday, October 3, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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