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Are Corporate Employees More Prone To Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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Are you someone who has a 9-6, corporate job that involves working constantly with computers? If yes, then it is time to be aware of carpal tunnel syndrome and it symptoms!

Today, a large chunk of the population work in corporate setups, in which the employees have desk-bound 9-6 jobs, and they have to work a lot using computers, especially if they are in the field of software, digital media, etc.

Jobs related to software or digital media cannot exist without computers and laptops, so the employees end up spending up to 8 hours working on computers, sometimes even more!

As we may already be aware, there are certain specific ailments that are affecting people who are working in the corporate sector, such as stress, obesity, spondylitis, joint pain, eye problems, etc.

These disorders are commonly seen in corporate employees due to their high-pressure jobs, unhealthy lifestyles, bad sitting posture and constant computer use.

Carpal tunnel syndrome too is one such ailment that is seen more commonly in corporate employees, according to a recent survey.

So, here are some of the main symptoms and a few facts about carpal tunnel syndrome, have a look.


Fact #1

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a syndrome caused by excess or constant pressure applied on the median nerve that is located on the wrist. The median nerve can get inflammed, leading to a number of other symptoms.


Fact #2

The main symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness, pain or a tingling sensation caused in areas like the hand, wrist, fingers, etc.


Fact #3

A research study has claimed that carpal tunnel syndrome is seen more in employees in the corporate sector, if their job involves typing or navigating the mouse constantly.


Fact #4

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are developed when the pressure applied on the median nerve, while using the computers, squeezes the nerve and obstructs blood flow.


Fact #5

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can also be seen in people who have jobs like sewing, cleaning, food processing, etc., in which they have to move their hands constantly.


Fact #6

Carpal tunnel syndrome in corporate employees can graduate to conditions like arthritis, if not treated in the early stages.


Fact #7

In some countries, corporate employees who have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, due to their jobs, are covered under the Equity Act 2010, which says that the employer must make reasonable adjustments when it comes to the work of the affected employee.

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Story first published: Friday, September 16, 2016, 11:22 [IST]
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