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8 Things That Weaken Your Immune System

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Proper functioning of the immune system is crucial to defend your body against harmful microorganisms that cause ailments and diseases in the body.

This system is a collection of biological structures that fight off the harmful infection-causing bacteria.

In short, this system, which is fundamentally a network of cells, tissues and organs, is instrumental for protecting the body.

Hence, a weak immune system exposes an individual to a multitude of ailments, infections and, in severe cases, fatal maladies.

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In fact, majority of the people fall sick every now and then only because of a weak immunity system.

A plethora of reasons can cause the immune system to become weak. Both external and internal factors can greatly influence the functioning of this system.

And if the immunity system stays weak for a long period of time, it can lead to serious health problems.

So, today at Boldsky, we will be sharing with you a list of 8 things that can weaken your immunity system.

Just make an inner pact with yourself to avoid these unhealthy habits to strengthen your immune system and prevent diseases.


1. Lack Of Exercise:

Nowadays, most of us have a physically inactive life. This type of lifestyle can have an adverse effect on an individual's immune system. A considerable amount of research proves that people who are physically active have a stronger immune system.


2. Unhealthy Diet:

Unbalanced, unhealthy diet is one of the leading causes of a weak immune system among people. Lack of proteins, minerals and essential vitamins in the daily meals can prevent the immune system from functioning efficiently. So, consume a well-balanced diet and stay away from junk food.


3. Excessive Drinking:

It goes without saying that excess alcohol causes an irreparable damage to your body. Also, presence of too much of alcohol can stop your immune system from performing efficiently.


4. Lack Of Sleep:

Another factor that is known to weaken your immune system to a great extent is lack or loss of sleep. As per a few studies, inadequate sleep affects the functionality of the immune system. People who don't catch enough sleep are often more likely to fall sick.


5. Stress:

This known devil is often the root cause of a multitude of diseases and ailments. Chronic stress is known to weaken the immune system and increase an individual's chances of falling sick.


6. Obesity:

Over the years, the experts have been able to establish a strong link between obesity and a weak immune system. People who suffer from obesity are often known to have an extremely weak immune system.


7. Excessive Dependency On Antibiotics:

Most of us are highly dependent on antibiotics. Surpassing the recommended dosage of these medications can have far-reaching negative impacts on our bodies. Over time, this habit can significantly lower an individual's immunity.


8. Smoking:

Active or passive smoking, both can negatively affect the functioning of the immune system. It can wreak havoc in your body. Be it weakening of the immune system or causing chronic diseases, smoking is highly dangerous.

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