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What Are Steroids And Why Are They Given To COVID-19 Patients?
UPDATE: According to recent news, three under forty COVID-19 patients in Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai were reported with avascular necrosis or 'bone death' due to the use of steroids, two months after the treatment. Experts say it could be due to the ...
What Are Steroids And Why Are They Given To Covid 19 Patients
What Are Antibodies? How Do They Help Us Fight COVID-19?
Since the advent of COVID-19, we have become familiar with the word 'antibodies' and its relation to our immune system. Antibodies play a vital role in protecting our body from all types of pathogens, including the recent coronavirus. But what ...
Why People With Asthma Are At Increased Risk Of Flu
Asthma and flu (influenza) are two conditions of the respiratory tract that significantly affect millions of people worldwide. Flu is caused due to an influenza virus and is a highly transmissible illness while asthma is a chronic non-transmissible inflammatory disease of ...
Can Broccoli Help Fight Flu And Common Cold Symptoms?
The common cold and flu are the two frequently occurring infections and the main cause of fever, sore throat, running nose, cough and sneezing. The common cold is caused by around 200 different types of viruses while influenza virus is the ...
Can Broccoli Help Fight Flu And Common Cold Symptoms
Health Benefits Of Eating Soaked Raisins (Kishmish)
Popularly known as 'Kishmish' in Hindi, raisins are a storehouse of nutrients. Of all the other dried fruits, raisins are not too glorified. But when you get to know about its health benefits, then probably you will make it a point ...
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