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7 Superfoods That Can Keep You Hydrated

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Dehydration is a health problem that occurs when the water and fluid content in the body is below the required level.

Staying well hydrated is highly imperative for your overall health and wellness. Lack of water or fluids in your system can put a pressure on the internal organs and adversely affect their efficiency.

In spite of knowing how important it is to keep ourselves hydrated, most of us often forget to drink the required amount of water on a daily basis.

But, you don't have to completely depend on those 8 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. In fact, you can easily include certain superfoods in your diet that have a rich content of water in them.

So, today at Boldsky, we've brought together a list of some of the most remarkable and beneficial superfoods that can keep you hydrated through the day.

Not only for hydration, these superfoods are great for your overall health in general.

Also, please be mindful that if you're suffering from a health issue, then always consult your doctor before including anything new in your diet.

Keeping that in mind, take a look at the superfoods that can keep you well hydrated.


1. Cucumber

This superfood is mainly all water. In fact, to be specific, the water content in cucumber is somewhere between 95% and 96%. Eat this superfood on a daily basis and stay hydrated.


2. Celery

It is a known fact that celery is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients. However, very few people know that this green leafy veggie can also hydrate your system, as it has a whooping 95% water content in it.


3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are basically 94% water. Either include this in your bowl of salad or just consume a few slices of it to keep yourself internally hydrated.


4. Radish

The water content in a single radish is between 93% and 94%. And that is why, this root vegetable is always included in salads, especially during the summer time.


5. Watermelon

Watermelon is composed of 91% water and is also an incredible source of antioxidants. Also, it will help you fight off the hunger pangs that will otherwise force you to indulge in over-eating sessions.


6. Cauliflower

Water content level in a cauliflower is as high as 91%. Also, this green veggie is a powerhouse of vitamins and phytonutrients that are great for your health in totality. Include this superfood in your diet and stay well hydrated through the day.


7. Spinach

Spinach is another superfood that is high in water content, as high as 95%. Have it for lunch or prepare a smoothie at home, the choice is all yours!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 6:30 [IST]
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