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Mango Mousse Recipe: How To Prepare It At Home In Different Ways

The season of "king of the fruits" mango is here and the internet is already flooded with delicious mango recipes. One among them receiving great attention is mango mousse, a refreshing and satisfying summer dessert that is therapeutic to many people and also helps beat the scorching summer heat in no time.

Mango mousse is an exquisite, light, creamy and sweet dessert made of mango pulp and other 3-4 ingredients. It is an easy-to-make homemade dish best served post-meal or as an evening snack. There are a lot of ways to prepare mango mousse: with or without eggs, with light or heavy creams and with sugar or its alternatives.

In this article, we will discuss some of the amazing mango mousse recipes prepared in different ways.

Nutritional Profile Of Mango

100 g of mango contains 60 kcal of energy and 83.5 g of water. It also contains:

● Fibre: 1.6 g
● Protein: 0.82 g
● Calcium: 11 mg
● Iron: 0.16 mg
● Magnesium: 10 mg
● Potassium: 168 mg
● Phosphorus: 14 mg
● Sodium: 1 mg
● Vitamin C: 36.4 mg
● Folate: 43 mcg
● Vitamin A: 54 mcg
● Beta-carotene: 640 mcg
● Vitamin E: 0.9 mg
● Vitamin K: 4.2 mcg

Nutritional Profile Of Light Whipping Cream

100 g of light whipping cream contains 63.5 g of water and 292 kcal of energy. It also contains:

protein (2.17 g), calcium (69 mg), magnesium (7 mg), phosphorus (61 mg), potassium (97 mg), sodium (34 mg), zinc (0.25 mg), vitamin C (0.6 mg), folate (4 mcg), along with choline, vitamin B12, vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin D and vitamin E.

Ingredients In Mango Mousse

Mango mousse is made with very less (around 3-4) and easily available ingredients, however, it could be made in different styles, according to preference or taste of people making it.

Some of the ingredients used in mango mousse include: mangoes, whipping cream/toned milk, agar powder/gelatin/, cream cheese and cardamom/saffron/vanilla essence (optional).

Refreshing Mango Mousse Recipe In Different Ways

Serves - 3
Preparation Time - 15-20 minutes

1. With Mango, Fresh Cream And Sweetener


• 2-3 medium-sized mango (especially Alphonso) slices into pieces.
• 250 ml fresh cream (prefer using light cream)
• Cane sugar, jaggery or honey (as per your taste and choice of sweetener)


• In a blender, put mango slices (leave a few for garnish), sweetener and blend to form a smooth and thick paste (avoid adding water).
• In a bowl, pour the cream and whisk it to form a thick foamy texture.
• Add mango puree to the cream and blend perfectly.
• In a serving bowl, pour the ingredients.
• Garnish with 2-3 mango slices.
• Top with mint leaves or basil leaves.
• Serve fresh.

2. With Canned Mango Puree, Berries And Others


• One market-based canned mango puree.
• 3-4 berries such as strawberry, cranberry or blueberry, sliced into two pieces.
• 250 ml light whipping cream.
• A teaspoon of agar agar powder that acts as gelatin.
• A pinch of flavouring agents like cardamom/saffron/vanilla essence.


• Whisk the cream to get a thick consistency. Prefer using chilled cream for summer. You can also whisk and put the cream in the refrigerator until you get other things ready.
• Dilute a teaspoon of agar agar powder in a small cup of water, mix and let it sit for a few minutes.
• In a saucepan, add mango puree, dissolved agar agar powder and flavouring agent and heat them on a medium flame.
• Allow the mixture to shimmer. Switch off the flame and allow the mixture to cool for 9-10 minutes.
• Add whipped cream. If the mixture is thick, mix them with an electric whipper. You can also reheat the puree and then mix the cream.
• In a serving glass, scoop out the mango mousse.
• Top with berries and mint leaves and serve.
• You can also allow it to cool for a few hours and then serve.

3. With Mango, Banana And Coconut


• Two cups of sliced mangoes.
• Two ripe bananas; one banana sliced into pieces.
• One-fourth cup of shredded coconut
• 250 ml fresh cream


• Whisk the cream for 4-5 minutes to form a creamy and smooth texture.
• In a blender, put sliced mangoes and a whole banana and blend until smooth to form a puree.
• Add mango and banana puree to a bowl of whisked cream and mix well.
• In a serving bowl or glass, pour the ingredients.
• Garnish with sliced bananas and shredded coconut and serve.
• You can also leave that in a refrigerator for an hour and then serve.

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