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What Weakens Your Immune System?


If your body is healthy and fit, you must first thank your immune system. If you are suffering from infections like cold or fever then you must first suspect your immune system. When your immunity fails to defend your body against microscopic invaders, certain infections might occur.

Well, what weakens your immune system? Well there are several factors that may cause a weak immune system. Even lack of sleep could be one reason. This is why when you pull an all-nighter you will suffer cold or feel weak the next day.

Reasons To Eat Leafy Greens Regularly

Well, how to boost your immune system? From consuming immunity boosting foods to resting well, there are several ways to boost the functions of your immunity so that your body will defend itself well from foreign invaders.

All of us are different and so are our immunities. Your genetics, your food and your other lifestyle habits also decide how strong or weak your immune system is.

If you are repeatedly falling prey to minor infections, it is advisable to meet a doctor to figure out the reason and get yourself treated. But if you wish to first know what affects your immune system then here is a list of factors that may influence the strength of your immunity. Take a look.



We all know that tobacco comes with thousands of chemicals. This is exactly why smokers may occasionally experience a dip in their immunity levels. If you wish to strengthen your immunity, try to quit smoking.


Over-Exposure To UV Rays

Do you know that even over exposure to UV rays or other kinds of harmful radiation can weaken your immunity?


Poor Hygiene

If you don't wash yourself well, if you don't brush your teeth daily and if you seldom wash your hands before eating anything, germs may invade your system easily. This may also weaken your immunity.


Over Use Of Antibiotics

Health experts say that even excessive usage of antibiotics can also reduce your immune power up to an extent.



If you exercise regularly, your blood circulation tends to get better and your immunity stays in top shape. If you are used to inactivity your immunity levels may dip.



Sleep helps your body repair itself and lack of sleep may affect your immunity because your body will seldom find time to recover itself.



Over consumption of alcohol has may side effects out of which weakening your immune system is one. Reduce your intake if you wish to stay healthy.

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