What Makes You Old And What Keeps You Young?

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Though we associate grey hair or wrinkles on the skin as few of the most common factors in signifying old age, experts state that there are others that can actually determine how fast you are ageing.

The crucial changes that occur deeply within your system decide how fast or slow you tend to age. In fact, health experts state that we know only about a few such factors and there are, in fact, more of them waiting to be discovered. So, what are those factors that determine your ageing process?

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One good example is your muscle mass or strength. If you lose your lean muscle or strength, it means that you are ageing. If your metabolism is slowing down, it means you are ageing fast.

Yes, your lifestyle has a say in this whole process, and this is why focusing on a healthy lifestyle can do its duty in slowing down the ageing process. In fact, the sooner you change your lifestyle, the better it will be for your health and the ageing process.

Let's have a look at the factors that influence the ageing process, in this article.


Basal Metabolic Rate

Your body's metabolic pace may slow down with each passing year, after 30. This is why you must be conscious about what you eat, and how often you eat, after you cross 30.


Muscle Mass

This is among the most important factors that determine your age. With age, your lean muscle mass may come down. If you perform regular workouts, you could postpone this factor a bit.


Aerobic Capacity

Your lung capacity, and the way your system processes oxygen, will also undergo several changes as you age. This is why you tend to feel tired even after performing minor tasks in your later years.



We all know the fact that age robs our strength. Your ability to move weights or perform a tough task may diminish with age, unless you are used to weight training.


Fat Percentage

With age, your body's fat metabolism undergoes several changes. You must carefully alter your lifestyle to deal with this.


Bone Density

Your bone density may get influenced as you age. This is why many people suffer from issues such as osteoporosis as they age.


Blood Sugar Levels

As you age, your body's capacity to maintain healthy blood sugar levels may also get affected. Your food choices and activity levels may help alter this situation.


Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure and your body's capacity to maintain the right temperature may also get influenced once you start ageing.

Well, these are just a few markers that health experts have found out until now. Maybe in the near future, we might come across many other such factors, which are responsible in the ageing process. That is when we may discover what keeps us young and what makes us old!

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