What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Too Much Sugar?

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Sugar!! A thing not only liked by kids but adults too. However, you must be well aware of the fact that your sugar likings may be an invitation to a lot of diseases.

Having said that, hold your breath to read some of the shocking facts about high sugar intake. It not only causes diabetes but many unexpected things that you have never thought sugar can cause.

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We will reveal some of the warning signs of high sugar intake that will compel you to limit your sugar intake. Eating a lot of sugar daily can make you a sugar addict and within no time can show these symptoms in your body.

If you are unable to stop the sugar cravings, you can gradually limit the sugar intake by replacing it with healthy alternatives. Munching on some dried fruits such as apricots, dates, dried figs, raisins etc that will satisfy the sugar cravings.

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Now lets read on some of the shocking truths regarding high sugar intake.


Lack Of Energy & Tiredness

Eating sugar can boost you with a lot of energy for a limited time but its after effects can be dismaying. The effects of eating foods that are high in sugar include tiredness, fatigue, laziness and lack of concentration. So if these things are happening to you, this might mean you need to control your sugar intake.


Carbs Or Sugar Cravings

Do you know that eating high sugary foods on daily basis can make you a sugar addict? Yes, that's true. You will get sugar cravings that are difficult to control. If you have started getting sugar cravings already then it is a sign that you have been taking too much of sugar.


Falling Ill Frequently

Another shocking truths about eating too much of sugar is that, it will make your immune system weak. You will fall ill frequently and will be unable to cope up with bacterial or viral infections. If this happens stop your sugar intake or else try to limit your sugar consumption.


Will Make You Sad & Depressed

Eating a lot of sugar not only makes you physically weak and lazy, but also has a negative impact on your emotions. Eating high sugar foods may offer temporary relief from stress but when its effect wards off, you will feel depressed and low. You can also feel nervous and socially withdrawn. These all are signs that you have become a sugar addict.


Dark Circles & Skin Problems

Excess sugars triggers an inflammatory response in your body which contributes to many health issues including skin problems. People taking excess sugar may get eczema, oily skin and acne. High sugar foods also increases load on the adrenal glands thus causing dark circles and many other skin problems.


Weight Gain

Our body is designed to take a limited amount of sugar and when its intake increases, the sugar calories get converted into fats. This can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, heart issues etc.


High Blood Pressure

High sugar intake can lead to high blood pressure in the same way as salt does. Research has shown that there is a link between excess sugar intake and high blood pressure. So never blame just salt , sugar can also be the culprit behind your hypertension.


Dental Issues

It is quite obvious that sugary foods damage your teeth by causing cavities and tooth decay. If you keep finding yourself in the dentist's chair due to various dental issues, then its time to immediately limit your sugar intake.

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