12 Foods To Have With Coffee And Tea

By: Ajanta Sen
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Planning to have a tea party? It has got to be a fun-filled gathering of friends. But amid the excitement of looking forward to the party you are sure to be worried about what to serve with tea and coffee. You will not disagree if we say that planning a meal is far easier than a tea party. But do not fret and sweat. There are at 12 foods that you can have with coffee and tea and your guests are sure to enjoy every bit of them.

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Tea party is just a name that goes for the occasion but you are definitely going to have coffee too. Many people prefer to have coffee over tea. In such circumstances you need to be careful in planning a menu that included foods that go well with both tea and coffee. Not all foods go with both and that calls for having a variety.

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Given here are some of the best foods for coffee and tea parties. The list includes many items from the western world but along with them are some all-time Indian favorites as well.


1. Scones:

Light, airy and simple to make - scones form a perfect pair with both tea and coffee. You can have plain scones with a choice of jams or you can have fruit scones. If you are having children coming over, make sure to have plain scones. Children like to keep it rather simple.


2. Cakes:

There can hardly be a tea party without cakes. It could be a plain sponge cake, a Victorian jam sponge cake, fruit cake, cakes filled with cream, a pineapple upside down cake, chocolate cakes and the list will go on. If you want to make individual servings, you can always convert your cake recipes to muffins and cupcakes.


3. Donuts:

Coffee and donuts - the combination is a hit with every coffee lover. It could be plain glazed donuts, cinnamon sprinkled, sugar and cinnamon, chocolate glazed or stuffed. What matters is that coffee must have its best partner - the donuts.


4. Sandwiches:

If you do not have a sweet tooth or like to offer a variety to your guests you can include sandwiches in the menu. The choice of sandwiches is also vast - cheese, vegetable, deli style, egg, ham, grilled, toasted etc. A lot depends upon what your guests prefer.


5. Cookies:

You could call them cookies or biscuits. These are one of the 12 foods that you can have with coffee and tea in any part of the world. The type of cookie or biscuit may vary but they are sure to be there on the coffee table.


6. Pies:

Meat pies, chicken pies, picnic pies, vegetable pies - these are simply the names of some of the pies that you can serve with coffee and tea.


7. Flavored breads:

If you do not like the sweetness of cakes go for a subtler version and include some flavored breads. There can be fruit breads like banana bread, blueberry bread, lemon loaf, walnut chocolate bread or cinnamon bread.


8. Crackers:

Thin, light and crunchy is what crackers are all about. They are light on the tummy and tasty on the tongue. You could make plain butter crackers or herbed ones as per your taste.


9. Tarts:

Jam filled, cream filled, custard containing or simple ones. Tarts make for one of the best foods for coffee and tea.


10. Samosas:

If you wish to go Indian, then there can be nothing better than samosa and tea. These triangle shaped, crispy, potato stuffed snacks are loved by one and all.


11. Mathri:

One of the best foods for coffee and tea in the Indian snack range is the mathri. They can be plain or flavored with dried fenugreek leaves (methi) or ajwain seeds. Crispy and crunchy they make a good accompaniment to every party.


12. Kachori:

Another Indian snack is the kachori. Stuffed in a crispy covering with either some pulse or potato. The spicy filling is tongue tingling and goes well with masala chai.

The world is now a global village and when it comes to food, there are no boundaries. So, when it comes to hosting a tea party, there is no dearth of ideas. These 12 foods that you can have with coffee and tea will surely ensure a tasty and filling party.

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