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11 Healthy Indian Snacks To Ease Your Hunger
You are in the office and working on a project for too long - it is natural for your hand to extend to that bowl of snacks you had kept for munching. Choosing the right healthy snacks will satiate your cravings ...
Healthy Indian Snacks To Ease Your Hunger

Simple And Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Your 3:00 PM Cravings
Have you ever wondered why you suddenly start craving for a snack as soon as the clock ticks 3 in the afternoon? Well, there are multiple reasons for getting hunger pangs in the afternoon and less consumption of fibre and protein-rich ...
Is Bedtime Snacking Bad For Your Health?
It is three hours post-dinner and you are ready to hit the sack, when your stomach begins to grumble and you end up eating a mini snack at bedtime and retire to bed with the guilt of having snacked at bedtime. ...
Is Bedtime Snacking Bad For Your Health
11 Healthy Night-time Snacks Approved By Nutritionists
Midnight Snacks - we've all been there and done that! Either you had an early meal, got back very late from work, or may be you just can't sleep because you're hungry. A hungry stomach should never be ignored for the ...
10 Healthy Snacks To Curb Afternoon Cravings
During the weekends, almost everyone feels lazy around and has his/her lunch very late in the afternoon. And somewhere during the late afternoon, a strong craving strikes. Even if during weekdays, you have been eating healthy and clean all day, if ...
Healthy Snacks To Curb Afternoon Cravings
10 Foods And Drinks That Could Worsen A Hangover
Almost every person has experienced a bad hangover after gulping down glasses of alcohol. No matter how much you try to restrict yourself from drinking alcohol, it's the urge that always come up. Drinking responsibly with a slice of lemon does ...
Vegetables On Sugarcane Sticks Recipe
Vegetables on sugarcane sticks is a very unique recipe shared by Chef Mahesh Sharma. In this recipe the he has used a lot of green veggies to make the patties which is coated around a sugarcane stick. At the end the ...
Creamy Tomato And Spinach Pasta Recipe
Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta is a very easy recipe which is packed with lots of iron and vitamins with a combination of taste as well. This recipe is not at all complicated. You can add to the taste by adding ...
Creamy Tomato And Spinach Pasta
Spinach And Feta Falafel Bites Recipe
Monsoon time is on and the best thing to have this monsoon is homemade fritters. Enjoy hot piping cup of tea with these amazing hot cheesy spinach and falafel bites. It is made by mixing feta cheese with spinach and falafel ...
South Indian Style Macaroni Recipe
Kids love macaroni and for that matter adults as well. If you are bored of just one style of macaroni then you must try this new and innovative version of South Indian style macaroni. Chef Gaurav Chadha breaks the monotony and ...
South Indian Style Macaroni
Spinach And Sweet Potato Puff Pastry Recipe
Spinach and sweet potato puff pastry is a more sophisticated version of a samosa. Puff pastry has too many layers of outer covering unlike samosa which has one thick crisp layer of refined flour. The filling can be swapped with anything. ...
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