13 Health Secrets That Your Acne Is Hiding

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Face can be the first indicator of your inner health. If we have a glowing and clear skin, it means that we are having a disease-free body. Our face can tell much more about our internal health issues. However, presence of acne on face may reveal a lot of secrets about our health.

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We all know that acne outburst on the skin can happen due to skin infection or oily skin. However, most of us are unaware of the fact that acne on different areas of the face can indicate many underlying health conditions.

To remove acne from face, you need to correct the internal health conditions first, which can eventually treat your acne. According to face mapping beliefs and Chinese medicines, the acne can reveal many hidden diseases. To solve acne problems naturally, you have to know the reasons behind it.

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In this article, we will focus on acne of each area on the face and the related hidden acne health secrets. In this way, you will be more aware of your internal health issues by knowing what acne on each part is trying to signify. Treating the internal causes of acne will help you to get rid of acne. Scroll to know the secrets of acne on different parts of your face and how to treat them effectively.


Upper Forehead

Acne on forehead indicates problems in the bladder and large intestines. It is believed that people having acne on forehead will suffer from a poor digestive system and urinary infections.


Remedy For Forehead Acne

To clear the acne and treat digestive issues, eat/drink foods rich in antioxidants such as tomatoes, berries, cherries, apples, lemons, green tea, etc. Lower forehead is believed to be connected with emotions and spiritual powers.


Acne On Lower Forehead

Acne on the lower forehead means that you may be suffering from anxiety and depression, as per the Chinese tradition.


Remedy For Lower Forehead Acne

To prevent this, relax yourself, sleep well and spend some time out with friends and family. This will help to de-stress yourself and eventually lead to a glowing skin with faded acne.


Acne On Eyebrows

It is thought that the area around and near your brows is an indicator of liver function. Acne near your eyebrows show that you are putting more load on the liver through your wrong diet. You are having junk foods, fried foods, high-fat foods, smoking and drinking regularly, etc.


Remedy For Acne on Eyebrows

To prevent liver issues and acne, eat foods low in fat content. Avoid smoking, drinking and eat fresh veggies. Go for fruit and vegetable juice detox remedies to flush out the toxins away from the liver that may have been accumulated from long.



It is believed that your cheeks are linked with lung functions. People who smoke and have lung problems such as asthma, respiratory allergies and bronchitis are prone to getting acne on their cheeks.


Remedy For Cheek Acne

Avoid smoking and allergens that cause an allergic response. This prevents cheek acne and your lungs will be protected.


Acne On Nose

This is believed to be linked with your heart. Acne on nose may indicate heart issues such as high blood pressure and stress. High cholesterol level is a major damaging factor for heart and blood vessels.


Remedy For Nose Acne

Avoid foods that are rich in trans-fats such as packaged foods, junk foods, etc. These foods increase the bad fats in your blood and may cause a heart attack. Eat heart-healthy foods, which reduce cholesterol and maintain a normal blood pressure.


Acne Near Mouth And Chin

Mouth and chin acne are related to stomach and small intestines. It is also believed that chin areas are linked with reproductive organs, urinary tract and kidneys. It may also indicate hormonal imbalance and constipation. Eating junk and avoiding fibrous foods may cause this problem.


Remedy For Acne Near Mouth And Chin

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that supply you with enough fibres. Avoid oily foods, junk foods and soft drinks.


Acne On Ears

Ear acne is related to kidney function. When the kidneys don't function properly, there can be acne present on your ears according to Chinese medicine. Not drinking enough water can lead to reduced kidney function and ear acne.

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