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7 Warning Signs That Your Feet May Show

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Our feet can reveal much about our underlying health conditions, which we normally tend to ignore. You can detect most of the health conditions such as diabetes and many nutritional deficiencies by having a look at your feet. Just a 20-second look at your feet can diagnose many diseases.

Our foot contains 33 joints and 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. Feet are also richly supplied with a network of nerves and blood vessels that connect to the heart, brain and spinal cord. Foot cramps, loss of toe hairs, foot wounds, cold feet, shape changes of toes, etc, can all reflect some kind of a disease.

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In this article, we have mentioned some of the foot problems and the related diseases. If you experience such a problem, consult a doctor to rule out any serious health complication. Changes in feet can be accompanied by some other symptoms. For example, in case of diabetes, you may experience soreness and wounds on feet that won't heal and also increased thirst, urination and appetite, etc.

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Foot problems that are easily not resolved can be a sign of many unexpected diseases. Here are some foot problems that may be a warning sign of many underlying diseases. Have a look at what your feet say about your health.


Swelling, Pain And Redness Of Toes

The accumulation of uric acid crystals inside the toe can cause pain, swelling and redness. This happens due to high uric acid levels in the blood and medically this condition is known as gout. However, arthritis and infection can also lead to pain in the toes.


Change In The Shape Of Toes

If there is a change in the shape of the toes and toenails get curved, you must have a checkup of the heart and lungs. This occurs due to less oxygen supply in the blood. This may be accompanied by other symptoms such as breathing problems and changes in the heart rate. Toenail changes may also occur because of Crohn's disease.


Slow Healing Of Feet Wounds

In case of diabetes, there is reduced blood flow to the body extremities such as feet, leading to damage and death of cells, hence called necrosis. Initially, it appears as a wound and doesn't heal easily, leading to an infective pus and further complications. If wounds don't heal soon, it is best to consult a doctor for a diabetes check.


Loss Of Toe Hair

A sudden loss of toe hairs may indicate a decreased level of blood circulation, resulting in weak hair and then hair loss. This can cause vascular diseases, which occur due to high cholesterol levels that cause stiffening and narrowing of the blood vessels. This results in decreased pumping of the blood by the heart to the extremities, causing toe hair loss and feeling of no pulse in the feet.


Feet Cramps

Pain and cramps in the feet may be an alarming sign of malnutrition, nerve issues, or also a sign of dehydration. For this, you need to take foods rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. Consume a lot of water, and if the pain is still persisting, consult a doctor for proper diagnosis.


Cold Feet

In case of an underactive thyroid gland, there will be cold feet accompanied by hair loss, dry skin and vertigo. For this, you need to go in for a thyroid functioning test, if you also notice certain other symptoms as well. Cold feet also mean poor blood circulation due to smoking, high blood pressure and heart diseases.


Yellow And Thick Toenails

This indicates a fungal infection inside the toenail. Yellow and ugly nails can also be accompanied with bad-smelling nails that can turn dark in colour. It is a painless condition, but later the infection may spread to the other toenails and fingernails.

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