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10 Cures For Irritated, Dry And Itchy Eyes

By Iram

There are many causes of red and itchy eyes such as pollution in environment, working on a computer for longer time, allergies and also in some eye infections. It may also be caused by allergic conjunctivitis. In this eyes become red, swelling of eyelids and itching. Luckily, there are effective home remedies for itchy eyes.

How To Protect Your Eyes From Computer

The symptoms of itchy eyes due to any allergy are redness, sneezing, swollen eyelids, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, blurred vision and itching of eyes. Eye is a delicate organ and itching continuously can cause damage to your eyes and even transmit the infection in your hands to eyes.

This will make the condition worse. Itchy eyes can also be a symptom of some diseases such as blepharitis. If your itchiness is not due to any allergy or other temporary causes, then you must contact a doctor to check for any diseases.

Tips For Healthy Eyes

What to do for itchy eyes due to allergies? Here are some home remedies for itchy eyes. Have a look at some natural remedies for inflamed itchy sore eyes.


Tea Bags

The bioflavonoids and tannic acid present in tea helps fight bacterial and viral infection. Put a cool used tea bag over your eyes for some time. It will reduce inflammation, pain and itching. It will also remove the puffiness below your eyes.


Aloe-Vera Gel

Apply chilled aloe vera gel or juice on your eye lids. Dip a clean cotton ball in aloe vera juice then place it on your eyes. It will relieve soreness and irritation of eyes. It also alleviates itching, swelling and puffiness of eyes.



Grind a potato to make a paste. Put the paste on your eyes (closed eyes) for some time. It relieves itchy eyes and reduces inflammation.


Cucumber Slices

Cucumber works wonders on your eyes. It not even removes puffiness but also soothes itching in the eyes. Cut slices of cucumber and put it in your eye lids. This is one of the best home remedies for itchy eyes.


Frozen Vegetables

Freeze some vegetables and make slices. Wrap them in a cotton cloth. Gently put these on your closed eyes for some time. This will relieve itching and will give much comfort to irritated eyes.


Cold Water

Splash cold water on your eyes or you can also put some ice cubes on the closed eyes. This will soothe irritation and relieve you from itching.


Chilled Spoons

Put spoons in a fridge. Place it on your eye lids and when it gets warm replace it with another cold spoon. This will reduce inflammation, puffiness and irritation of eyes by causing constriction of blood vessels of eye.


Drink Water

Keep yourself hydrated, doing this will prevent dryness of eyes and will automatically relieve eye itching. You must drink eight to nine glasses of water per day.


Witch Hazel

This is one of the herbal home remedies for itchy eyes. Apply this externally on your itchy eyes by a clean cotton. It relieves itching, inflammation and puffiness. Repeat this many times a day.


Castor Oil

Put some castor oil by a dropper into the eye. It has anti inflammatory properties. It will relieve itching, swelling and puffiness. The castor oil must be pure. This is among the best natural remedies for inflamed itchy sore eyes.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 9:55 [IST]
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