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Signs Of A Healthy Vagina

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Women should pay more attention to their 'lady' parts. Just like how one takes a breast self-examination, checking to see if the vagina is healthy or not, is another important thing to keep in mind, at least once a month. A vaginal self-examination is one way for a woman to look at her vulva and vagina.

This vaginal self-examination is necessary as it can help a woman understand her body, the changes that take place during and after menstrual cycle and so on. Doing a self-examination will also determine if one needs medical attention. It is suggested that women need to do a vaginal self-examination between the menstrual periods for accurate results.

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On the other hand, there are certain signs to show that the vagina is healthy. Vaginal odour, fluid discharge and dryness are some of the symptoms of a healthy vagina. Keeping the vagina healthy is another process which every woman has to look into. Keeping away from scented soap, saying no to douching, taking care while exercising, wearing comfortable underwear, and changing tampons & sanitary napkins every 6 hours are some of the ways to keep the V zone healthy.

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If still in doubt, then take a look at some of these other signs to show that your vagina is healthy and happy.


Ejaculation During Intercourse

Just like men, women too ejaculate during lovemaking. Though this is rare and occurs in 1 out of 10 women, it is completely normal for a woman to squirt.


It's Of A Different Shape

Every vagina is of a different shape and size. Women around the world have darker to lighter, smaller to larger, or even asymmetrical labia, which according to experts is absolutely normal.


Tight & Loose

It is normally noted that virgin women have tighter vaginas when compared to married women. This is not true. The vaginal muscle tissue contracts and stretches automatically on it's own terms, without permanently affecting the vaginal canal.


Vaginal Dryness

This is a common and natural problem faced by almost every woman who has a healthy vagina. The reason for the vagina turning dry is due to stress, hormonal changes and a dip in estrogen levels.


The White Fluid

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. It naturally lubricates and cleanses itself with a discharge. This discharge is clear or white and paste-like, which seems normal and healthy. Only if the discharge is yellow or greenish and smells weird, it is something to worry about as it might be an infection.


Vag Odour

Due to sweat and the clear discharge, the odour may seem 'foul'. This is one sign of a healthy vagina. Don't worry about it as a simple cleanse will do it away.


Pubic Hair

Hair growth varies from woman to woman. If the hair is coarse and thick, it is one sign to show that the vagina is healthy. Experts suggest that shaving or waxing the pubic hair is important as it helps ward off vaginal infections and other genital problems.

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