Why Does Your Vagina Hurt?

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Does your lady part hurt like crazy post intercourse or even before that? If so, then it is something you should worry about. A painful vagina is caused due to a lot of issues. Some of the problems of an itchy and painful vagina is due to a raging yeast infection, bacterial growth and could even be a urinary tract infection.

Looking after your vagina is essential for every woman. Keeping away from all harmful products like chemically treated soaps, vaginal washes and deodorants are some ways you can protect the zone from infections.



If you've been looking after your vagina with care, and if it's still hurting, it is best to visit a gynecologist at the earliest.

Intercourse - One of the reasons your vagina is hurting is because of the friction at the time of intercourse. If you or your partner isn't lubricated, it will cause pain.

Dryness - Dryness is one of the common problems which most women are experiencing today. The main reason why the vagina gets dry is due to an improper diet, along with the consumption of hormonal pills. According to experts, is the birth control pill is low in estrogen, the vagina's moisture will also be low and dry.

Why Does Your Vagina Hurt?

Yeast Infections - When you develop a yeast infection in the vagina, it is often followed with dryness and an itchy feeling. Due to the dryness, you will witness pain in the region. This is one of the many reasons why your vagina hurts. If you are experiencing these symptoms it is best to get treated.

Why Does Your Vagina Hurt | Pain In The Vulva | What Causes Pain In The Vagina | Pain In The Vulva Area

Herpes- To begin with, there is no cure for herpes. However, if you have noticed red bumps accompanied with blisters on your private zone, you should visit a doctor. Ignoring this sexually transmitted disease will only aggravate the problem by spreading the infection, making it difficult to treat later on.

Inflammatory Disease -If you have pain during penetration and during your period, your symptoms may be pointing toward endometriosis (when the tissue that lines your uterus grows in other spots) or pelvic inflammatory disease.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 10:04 [IST]
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