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7 Health Benefits Of Bay Leaf

By: Bindu Gowda

Bay leaf is an aromatic leaf used mostly in Indian cuisines. The oil extracted from this leaf has plenty of medicinal properties. It treats various ailments and isantibacterial , antifungal and antiinflammatory in nature. It is also rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.

This noble spice is also a good source of minerals, like Copper, Potassium, Calcium ,Manganese, Selenium and Iron. But, sadly not many of us are aware of the health benefits of this wonder herb. In today's article we at Boldsky are listing few amazing health benefits of bay leaf. Read on to know more about it.

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Aids In Digestion

Bay leaf promotes digestion and can treat many digestive disorders. Including bay leaf in tea reduces constipation, acid reflux and irregular bowel movements.


Good For Diabetes

Bay leaf is effective in treating Type 2 Diabetes. It keeps a check on blood sugar level and regulates the functioning of heart. Thus, bay leaf is a great choice for people suffering from diabetes.


Induces Sleep

Consuming bay leaves before hitting the bed induces sleep. Mix few drops bay leaf extract in water and drink it for best results.


Treats Kidney Problems

Bay leaf is the best way to treat kidney stones and kidney problems. Consuming water boiled with bay leaf, keeps kidney problems at bay.


Anticancer Compounds

Bay leaf is packed with anticancer compounds like caffeic acid, quercetin and eugenol These compounds restrict the metabolism of cancerous cells.


Relieves Pain

The oil extracted from bay leaf has the ability to ease pain. Massaging bay leaf oil on forehead lifts headaches in minutes.


Cardiovascular Benefits

The compounds present in bay leaf boosts heart health and prevents heart attack and strokes. Drinking water with bay leaf extract avoids all types of heart complications.

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