Oct 13 Celebrates Why You Should Go Braless

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Time to set those girls free and leave your bra at home as it is October 13- No Bra Day! A recent study shows that there are more than a million women who suffer from breast cancer and the inability to wear a bra to hold their prosthesis after surgery is impossible, which is why October 13 is celebrated as No Bra Day in honour of those women.

October is also a month which is dedicated to women who suffer from this dreadful disease, breast cancer. Being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is a reminder for all women to be screened for cancer, notice the signs and symptoms early and get yourself treated in time.


The study also states that there are only a handful of women who go in time in save themselves as they are the only few who look deeper into what their breasts are telling them!

So, ladies, it is time to get yourself tested and on the other hand, time to set your breasts free as by doing so, they will indeed provide you with a ton of health benefits, take a look:


Improves A Healthy Breast Tissue

When you have healthy breast tissue growth it simply adds to the firmness of your breasts. Therefore going sans bra will help to strengthen your breast muscles of the chest that support the breast tissue.


Improved Circulation

One of the best benefits of not wearing a bra is it helps in improving circulation and healthy unrestricted blood flow in the chest and breasts. This in turn helps to keep your breast skin smooth and beautiful.


It Gets Rid Of Stretch Marks

Due to the improved blood circulation, you will not develop stretch marks on your breasts. This is one of the most healthy reasons why you should discard your bra on October 13.


You Keep Pimples At Bay

There are more than a handful of fabrics available when it comes to bras. Apart from cotton fabrics, the rest of them when used will only give you multiple skin problems, like acne.Breast acne is caused by using the wrong fabric, in the wrong season. So going braless once in a while will help prevent breast pimples.


You Prevent Them From Sagging

A noted french scientist claims to say that bras actually make you sag. This is only because we women tend to wear the wrong fit, which thereby leads to sagging breasts.


No Bra, More Perkier

The natural movement also supports the vitality of the connective tissue and skin, supporting the perkiness of the breasts. This is one of the main reasons why you should opt out of not wearing a bra today.


The Bra Facts

  • Women who don't wear bras often have a 1 percent chance of developing breast cancer.
  • Women who wear a bra for 12 hours in the day and sleep without one at night have a 3 percent chance of developing breast cancer.
  • Women who wear a bra for 24 hours in the day have a 4 out 5 chance of developing breast cancer.

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