Look At Your Feet To Check If Your Healthy

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Experts say the state of our feet might tell us if we have serious health problems. Wondering how that is possible, well take a look at what Boldsky has to share with you.  There is a recent study which shows that the feet actually bring out the real reason why we are unwell in the first place.

It is said that most of the time people choose to ignore a swollen foot as they think it might be due to an increase of pressure, they also choose to neglect a small cut too which is not at all advisable. DO YOU KNOW THE CAUSES OF MENTAL ILLNESS IN WOMEN?

Likewise, there are many other things related to our foot we kind of ignore completely. These are the little things which actually tell if your body is sick or not.

According to London-based podiatrist Jake Heath, he says, "We neglect our feet and put up with signs and symptoms that, in any other part of the body, would have us running to medical professionals," He continues to add that it is time we take a closer look at our tootsies and see if there is any change. Here is why you should look at your feet to check if your healthy:


A Big Toe

An enlarged, inflamed big toe could mean gout. This is a common problem in men who consume a high protein diet, who are over-weight and those who don't drink enough water. Gout can be cured with the help of foods and exercise.


Does Your Feet Feel Cold

One of the reasons your feet is cold is because of your thyroid gland. You might be suffering from hypothyroidism, a condition where is which the blood flow to the feet is less compared to the rest of the body.


Ulcers On Your Feet

It is not normal for you to develop red rash like ulcers on your feet. This kind of deformity could indicate a sign of diabetes.Numbness or loss of sensation around the feet and red ulcers that don't heal are major symptoms of undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes.


Pay Attention To Those Nails

Does the shape of your nails look different? Well, if they do it is time you get a heart test done. A change of shape in your toe nails could mean a Cardiovascular, lung or gastrointestinal problem which causes all the nails on your toes and fingers to look clubbed.


If Your Toes Are Hairless

A shiny and hairless toe or foot could mean trouble. Experts state that it is a sign of peripheral vascular disease.


Do Your Nails Look Happy?

Nail pitting is a sign of psoriasis, a chronic skin condition caused by an overactive immune system. You need to treat this condition only with the help of cream based medications. With this condition, your foot will look inflamed and will also develop white patches too.


Sore Toe Joints

Take a look at your feet, if they look sore and hurt a lot it could mean that your coming in for rheumatoid arthritis.There can be swelling and fluid in the joints, which makes them puffy, and the toes often feel sensitive.

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