How To Stay Mentally Fit Amidst Chaos

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How to stay mentally fit in this crazy world which is filled with stress, anxiety, pressure and chaos? Well, it is not an easy thing to do. To save your sanity amidst your daily life struggles requires great levels of determination in the first place.

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The number of people suffering from stress is just getting higher by the day. And some of us try to escape the same through habits like smoking and drinking. And some go a step further and embrace drugs either in the form of stimulants or medication.

So, how to maintain mental health? Is there any way out? Frankly speaking, there isn't an easy way out. Your lifestyle is the answer for all lifestyle related issues. All problems start there and can be solved there itself if you are more attentive to your body's needs.

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Now, let us discuss how to maintain mental balance in this crazy world.


Slow Down

Yes, the world is going on a fast pace, but you have every right to slow down for a while and relax. If not on a week day, take some time off on a weekend only to relax and do nothing. Do literally nothing on that day. Relaxing isn't being lazy. So, don't feel guilty.


Be Mindful

Mindfulness is about focusing all your attention in the moment and allowing your whole system to relax without getting preoccupied with your life's tensions and worries. Just go out for a walk in a very peaceful area.


Eat Healthy Foods For Peace

All of us know that foods alter our moods but we still binge on unhealthy stuff. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables and refrain from sugar and caffeine.


Take Action

Many problems bother us. Some times financial issues and sometimes emotional issues and the rest of the time, silly issues like office politics do trouble our minds. Realise that everything isn't in your hands but still take action. Take a practical step towards the issue and leave the outcome to higher forces.


Find A Balance

Though you are really passionate about your work, working overtime may do harm than good. Maintain the right work-life balance to avoid future issues.


Sleep Without Disturbances

Don't get your gadgets into your bedroom. They just stimulate your mind more making it tougher to get some peaceful sleep. Consider your bedroom as your temple and sleep as a form of prayer as it heals your whole system.


The Best Anti-Depressant

Health experts say that exercise can help in its own way in preventing depression. Try it out.



Apart from the many benefits, yoga is also said to heal both the mind and the body. Try to achieve inner balance and harmony through it.



Occasionally, go to a park and breathe in the fresh air just for the sake of it. Such simple things do a lot to your consciousness without your knowledge.


Challenge Yourself

Sometimes, you need to challenge yourself by setting short term goals and reaching them. Set such goals either in your work or in your fitness routines, but experience the joy that you get when you reach them.


Enjoy With Your Family

Give your free time to your family. Spending time with loved ones could act as a medicine to many health issues.



Even science is gradually accepting that meditation can benefit the mind and the body in many ways. Try meditation to slow down your rattling mind. It works!

These are just a few tips to maintain mental health. If you have any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Monday, September 14, 2015, 3:03 [IST]
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