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Have You Tried These Natural Toothpicks?


Toothpicks are widely used today, to get rid of the tartar and food particles that are stuck between the teeth. Though we have dental floss, there are many who still prefer to use medicinal stems or barks from trees.

In olden days, our grandparents made use of meswak, neem and babool. Today, these three are still used and in the form of toothpicks. You can make your own toothpicks at home using the stems of these medicinal barks.

The benefits you claim from these herbal stems are innumerable. These natural toothpicks are good for the teeth as it prevents gum diseases while you pierce the gum to remove the food particles.


It also prevents bad breath and aids in whitening of your teeth too if used regularly. If you haven't had luck with dental floss, we think you should take a look at these simple medicinal stems that can be used as toothpicks.

Take a look:


Curry Leaf Stem

Pluck the leaves off from the stem of curry leaves. Soak the stem in a jar of honey and after a day or two, use the stem as a toothpick to remove tartar and food particles between your teeth.


Neem Leaf Stem

Neem is one of the best stems you can use to cleanse your teeth. Neem is rich in medicinal qualities which help to remove bad breath, reduce and prevent gum bleeding and when chewed it helps to whiten the teeth too.


Tea Tree Stem

Gently remove the flowers from the stem of a tea tree. Use the bark to remove the particles that are stuck between your teeth. The only disadvantage of this stem is it's tender nature. So be careful while removing the particles when used as a toothpick.


Cinnamon Stem

Cinnamon stem is another natural and medicinal ingredient you can use to pick your teeth. Cinammon is a spice which is rich in components to help heal your gums while being picked upon.


Lime Tree Stem

The stem from the lime tree is also another effective toothpick you can use to remove food particles between your teeth. It is healthy to use this stem as it prevents and heals bad breath over a period of time.


Olive Stem

The stem of an olive leaf is very useful in getting rid of tartar or food particles between your teeth. While this stem is used as a toothpick it helps to clean your teeth and protect it from decaying.


Orange Stem

The sweet smelling orange is a delectable choice to help clean your teeth and heal your gums. The stem of an orange plant is another medicinal toothpick you can use to clean and remove the bacteria, particles stuck between your teeth.


Miswak Stem

Miswak is soaked in rose water to soften the end bristles before you use it as a toothpick to help clean your teeth. It is one of the best and oldest natural forms.

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