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Coffee Stains On Teeth: Related Risks And How To Remove Them
Every year, International Coffee Day is celebrated on 1 October. The exact origin of International Coffee Day is unknown. Globally, the day is observed on 1 October but in certain countries, there is National Coffee Day, specific to each nation. In ...
Coffee Stained Teeth Risks And How To Remove Them
How Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Overall Health?
Growing up, one of the most important habits taught to all of us is brushing your teeth. Healthy teeth are critical and also central to your overall health. Brushing, flossing and rinsing are the ABCs of oral health and let me ...
How To Brush Your Teeth Correctly
Brushing your teeth regularly is an important part of your dental routine. It helps prevent conditions like tooth decay, bad breath and gingivitis. Also, flossing your teeth before brushing is important as it cleans the tiny crevices between your teeth. Brushing ...
How To Brush Your Teeth Correctly
8 Best Natural Remedies To Treat Receding Gums
Receding gums is a common form of gum disease, a sign of periodontitis. This condition mostly affects adults who are over 40. It occurs when the gums pull away from the surface of the teeth and expose the root. Several factors ...
Coconut Oil For Teeth: Benefits And How To Use It
Taking care of the body is incomplete without proper dental care. Proper care of the teeth is important for a clean and bacteria-free mouth. It helps to prevent infections, tooth decay and cavities. In fact, poor oral health is indirectly linked ...
Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Teeth And How To Use
Ways To Use Ayurveda For Maintaining Oral Health
The health of a person has a major contribution to his or her overall well-being. A healthy person usually has a much more positive outlook on life and as a result, ends up achieving way more than what he or she ...
Here Are 7 Tips To Control Sweet Tooth Cravings
Who doesn't like to have a bite of something sweet? Sweets are always associated with things that are nice and worth having. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with having a bar of chocolate or any other sweet once in a while; ...
Here Are 7 Tips To Control Sweet Tooth Cravings
7 Surprising Tips From Dentists For Better Dental Health
What is the first thing that most of us do when we realise that we have digestive ailments? We ensure that we seek treatment and make certain lifestyle changes to prevent them in the future, right? Similarly, we always take measures ...
Want To Get Rid Of Cavities? 16 Home Remedies To Try
Tooth decay and cavities are among the world's most common oral health problems and half the world's population suffer from it. Most often these tooth problems are seen in children, teenagers and older adults. What Causes Cavities? Dental cavities are damaged ...
Cavities Causes Symptoms Treatment Remedies
11 Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds are the oldest oilseed crop which is called by various names such as 'Til' in Bengali and Hindi, 'Nuvvulu' in Telegu, and 'Ellu' in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. The sesame seeds are fragrant and nutty and are used for ...
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