Foods That Remove Excess Salt From The Body

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Salt is a basic ingredient that we all add to our diet. It is an important ingredient as it helps to enhance the taste in the food we consume.According to experts we should not add an overdose of salt in our meals as it can cause a lot of health issues. You should know that the body needs small amounts of salt as it helps regulate the amount of fluid in your body.


This only means the more salt you add to your dish the more your blood vessels retain water in the body. This extra water which is retained increases the volume of blood in your arteries, causing high blood pressure.

Now when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, you are welcoming a lot more problems on yourself, which are heart diseases, obesity, hypertension and stroke.

So, the best you can do is cut down on the salt.Here are some of the best and healthy food that remove the excess salt from your body. You must take a look at these ingredients and add them to your diet today:



Protein based foods should be added to your meals if your body has a high level of salt. The protein level in beans will help to cut the salt to 10 percent.



Consuming foods that contain curd is another way to help cut salt in your body. Curd too has a rich source of protein which help to decrease the level of excess salt in the body.



Fish average approximately 10 percent of the DV for potassium per 3-ounce serving, which decreases the excess salt in the body. Stick to salmon and tuna only.


Baked Potato

High potassium foods like baked potatoes with the skin is the best food that cuts salt in the body. An average baked potato with skin will give you about 26 percent of the DV.



Dried fruits are concentrated sources of potassium. Raisins should be added to your daily diet so that it can help to cut the excess salt in your body.



Dried apricots too have a high concentrated source of potassium which helps to cut salt. Chew on a piece of apricot if your blood pressure is high.



There are some fruits too which provide your body with a rich source of potassium. Foods like bananas, avocados and orange juice are some of them you should consume when your pressure is high.


High Fibre Foods

Foods like oats, vegetables, wheat bread are some of the many foods that cut salt in your body. The high value of fibre in these foods cut the salt, thus keeping your metabolism rate high.


Spices Help Too

Include spices in your meals as it will help to cut salt intake and also help in various other health issues too. Spices are good for your heart and pressure.


Just Cut Back!

Not adding salt to your food can be beneficial at times, especially when you have excess salt in the body.

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