Foods That Are Rich In Iodine

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Iodine is one of the essential minerals that is required for proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Lack of iodine content in our body can result in many health hazards. The gland can get enlarged, thereby causing lethargy and a reduction of efficiency of the immune system in the body.

Iodine deficiency can be linked to disorders such as depression and anxiety. It also increases the risk of various types of cancer. It also impairs the learning ability in children. As per various studies, iodine deficiency has been known to affect over 2 billion people across the globe.

On an average, an adult requires 150 mg of iodine per day. There comes a need to increase the amount of iodine in the food we consume. It is necessary to take foods rich in iodine content. In this article, we at Boldsky are listing out some of the super foods that are rich in iodine content. Read on, do include these foods in your daily diet.


Cod Fish

Seafood is a good source of iodine. Cod fish is an iodine-rich food that you must include in your diet. It provides a low-calorie source of vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine. It also provides more than 60% of the recommended amount of iodine per day.



Cheese keeps the bones strong and healthy. It provides proteins and vitamins. Cheese provides the daily requirement of iodine



Cranberries are high in antioxidant content. They top the list of foods that have a high amount of iodine. A handful of cranberries meets the daily requirement of iodine.



Potatoes are one of the amazing veggies that are high in iodine content. A medium-sized potato provides about 60 mcg of the daily requirement of iodine.



Delicious strawberries are high in iodine content too. One cup of strawberries contain about 13 mcg of iodine. It provides about 10% of the daily requirement of iodine.



Prunes are also one of the best iodine-rich foods. Dried prunes are amazing sources of proteins and vitamins. Prunes are also a good source of fibre and vitamins A and K. It also provides about 10% of the iodine requirement per day.



A turkey breast is low in fat content. It is a best food that you can include to gain proteins, without too many calories. It is a very good source of iodine and provides the daily recommended amount of iodine if included in the diet regularly.

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