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Facts Your Hands Tell About Your Health


Hands are the most important part of your body. They help us in performing the day to day activities and are revealing part of our personality.

Having beautiful hands compliment your personality. Moreover, the science of astrology is applied on the lines present on the hands.

Causes Of Eyelid Twitching To Avoid

Importance of hands are many, however a research shows that hands can predict the condition of your health. They can give you signal regarding any early signs of dangerous diseases.

Your hands can tell you about your well-being. For instance hands may tell you regarding thyroid function, hormonal imbalance and liver diseases. Hands will alert you if you have any hidden diseases as they contain vital details about your health.

Unhealthy Signs You Should Lookout For

There are many important signs on your hands regarding the health care. Take a look at some of the signs that hands show about your health.


Red Palms

If your palms are always dark red, it is medically called as palmar erythema. This is a sign of liver diseases. You may be having fatty liver or cirrhosis of liver. However in pregnancy red palms are normal and are caused by increased blood flow to hands.


Finger Length

In women if the ring fingers are longer than the index fingers, it indicates that they are at a higher risk of osteoporosis. Males usually have larger ring fingers than index fingers and that's normal in men.


Swollen Fingers

If your fingers are stiff and swollen it may be an indication of hypothyroidism. If the thyroid is under-active then the rate of metabolism decreases which results in weight gain, fluid retention and swelling. This is one of the important signs that hands show about your health.


Pale Nails

If your nails are pale and they remain white for a minute after pressing them, it may be a sign of anaemia. Iron deficiency causes pale nails as there are not enough red blood cells. If anaemia is not treated it can result in slightly concave shaped nails.


Small Red Stripes Under Nails

They are tiny red or brownish spots of blood under nails called as splinter hemorrhages. They can alarm you about the blood infection or heart diseases. There may be an infection of the heart valves called as bacterial endocarditis.


Thick And Round Fingertips

This is known as ‘clubbing'. In this fingertips are thickened and angle outwards. This condition of the fingertips can be a sign of lung or heart diseases. This is one of the signs you definitely shouldn't ignore.


Blue Fingertips

Grey or blue tinged fingertips or numbness indicates impaired blood circulation. This circulatory disorder is called Raynaud's disease. This may be accompanied by cold hands and numbness in fingertips.


Brown Spots On Upper Surface Of Hands

These brown or reddish spots reflect advanced diabetes. In diabetes nerves and blood vessels become weak including the nerves of the hand. This causes red spots on hands due to internal bleeding and hemorrhage.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 7, 2015, 10:29 [IST]
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