Best High Antioxidant Foods For Women

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Women, these days, have a list of things to do on their fingertips. They have no time to cater for their health, and most of them even ignore some of the common signs of illnesses. No matter how busy you get at work or household chores, it is very important to have a good balanced diet.

Consuming foods that are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals are helpful for the body, as it helps prevent diseases as you age. It is also essential for women to take regular health checkups, so that they are aware and clear about all sorts of diseases.

When it comes antioxidants, women should add high doses of antioxidant foods to their daily diet that includes more of fruits and vegetables. These foods, which Boldsky shares on the list, are simply the best, as they have high amounts of antioxidants that help prevent ageing, help kill the cancerous cells and also prevent diseases such as diabetes.

It is also said that the three major antioxidant vitamins that are essentail for women are beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. Adding these three vitamins to your diet is sufficient to keep you active and healthy, making you live a happy life. So, take a look at some of these high antioxidant foods that you can include in your diet:


Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are extremely healthy to consume. They are a powerhouse of antioxidants. It is best for women to consume this healthy food when boiled. The beans are also beneficial for the heart.



Prunes is a winter fruit. It is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins that help to fight and lower cholesterol levels in the body. On the other hand this high antioxidant food also prevents cancer in women, if consumed twice in a week.



Blueberries have the highest source of vitamins. It is also one type of berry which is a high antioxidant food beneficial for women who are suffering from heart problems.



Phenols are found in cranberries which is a disease fighting antioxidant that also brings down the issues with out heart. These little berries are also good in treating UTI Infections commonly found in women.



If suffering from bad cholesterol, turn to strawberries as they are one of the highest antioxidant foods for women to consume.



Cloves are one of the many spices that contain a high level of antioxidants. When you consume cloves it gives out a lot of hydrogen which helps to bring down the iron content and the lipids in the blood to.



These little berries are rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid which is beneficial for fighting cancer cells in the body. When these berries are consumed daily the antioxidants also help to prevent the growth of tumor in the body.



Raspberries are helpful when it comes to cutting the calories in the body. Eating a handful of Raspberries will help you lose weight in a week, due to the presence of high antioxidants.



Walnuts have more than a million health benefits. It is one of the perfect high antioxidant foods for women to consume. It will protect your brain, your heart and keep you in overall good health.



From the many fruits in that basket, it is best to opt for tomatoes. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which is good for overall health, and the immunity.

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