10 High Protein Foods For Weight Loss

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Weight loss is the first and last thing on everyone's mind. For women, they dream of seeing that perfect number on the weighing scale and to achieve that number they are ready to do everything possible , in order to get of those extra pounds.

Losing weight is an easy challenge to accomplish, provided you follow the right diet and have a steady schedule at the gym. According to fitness experts it is said that following a diet that is rich in fibre and protein will boost one's energy, enabling the muscles in the body to be proactive. Feeding the muscles with a high protein diet for weight loss will definitely show accurate results in no time. Therefore, Boldsky has listed some important protein foods for weight loss.

These weight loss foods will help to burn the fat in the tummy, thigh and waist region of the body. Together with providing the body with energy these foods will also help to keep diseases at bay. Protein foods for weight loss are also essential to build on the body's immunity which is why it is important to add these foods to the daily diet.

Take a look at the list of protein foods you should consume for a healthier being:



Almonds are high in protein and vitamin E. It is suggested to consume 5 unsalted almonds everyday to aid in rapid weight loss. Soaked almonds is also healthy to consume.


Pumpkin Seeds

A handful of pumpkin seeds consumed everyday will aid to rapid weight loss. Pumpkin seeds suppress hunger, which is essential to control hunger pangs.



Eggs are another high based protein food for weight loss. Consume more of the egg white instead of the yolk since the former has more protein and calcium required for the body.



Add a spoon full of sugarless yoghurt to your diet. Yoghurt is beneficial for weight loss and also has an important role in cleansing the digestive tract, which helps to keep diseases at bay.



Lean meat is simply the best. Chicken is a rich protein food for weight loss. Consume small amounts of this lean meat to provide the body with much energy enough to burn that fat, when working out.



Salmon is one type of fish which is healthy in omega fatty acids and high in protein. Adding salmon to your diet will increase the body's energy along with balancing blood sugar levels in the body. Salmon also aids in keeping those hunger pangs at bay.



Lentils is a must add to the daily diet. Lentils not only aid in weight loss, they also help in balancing blood sugar levels in the body due to the high presence of fibre.



Hummus is a nutritious dip to opt for. Hummus is rich in calcium and protein which provides the body with energy. Hummus contains less amount of calories so you need not worry if your eating too much of it.



Quinoa is a healthy protein based food. One serving of quinoa is enough to make the tummy full, since it contains a high amount of fibre and less calories.


Brown Rice

It is better to opt for brown rice if rice is your staple food. Brown rice is a high protein food which benefits weight loss. One serving of brown rice with a cup of lentil gravy is suffice to burn fat in the body.

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