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Kitchen Ingredients To Prevent Anti Aging

By Pooja Kaushal

We have always wanted to take good care of our skin. The appearing wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines suddenly make the eyebrows go up. Age starts showing on the skin and the mind starts getting a little sad.

The youthful days are missed and the thought of stepping into old age becomes depressing. This is the time we rush to get ourselves those high promising anti-aging products. But wait a moment! Instead of going to the store you had rather step into the kitchen for there are kitchen ingredients that are better than creams to fight the problem of aging skin.

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The kitchen is not only a place to cook up a lip smacking meal but also a storehouse of beauty products. That one room in the house is packed with ingredients with which you can make homemade makeup products which are not only inexpensive but also safe and sure.

Free of chemicals and all natural treatment is what your skin gets when pampered with homemade makeup.

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Here we bring to you some excellent anti-aging ingredients that are part and parcel of every kitchen. They are always at hand and can be obtained with the least effort.



Who does not have milk at home? We all need it for our morning cup of tea or coffee. We need the milk for its calcium content and we can make full use of it as a skin nourishing ingredient. It has fat in it that nourishes the skin by keeping the moisture intact.

The presence of lactic acid helps tighten pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. Dip a cotton ball in milk and rub on the face. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse with warm water.


Egg White

A face pack made using egg whites helps in toning, firming and nourishing the skin. While it helps get rid of wrinkles it also brings a youthful glow. You can apply the egg white on its own or prepare a mixed face pack to boost the benefits. Take the white of one egg add a few drops of lemon juice and glycerin. Apply and let it rest for about fifteen minutes. Rinse using cold water.



Carrots are rich in antioxidants, are loaded with carotene and have anti-inflammatory properties. These combined qualities promote collagen production, slow down the skin aging process and bring about suppleness in the skin. To get the benefits boil and mash a carrot and mix in turmeric and honey. Apply and let it rest for fifteen minutes. Wash using warm water.



Many beauty products available over the counter claim to contain the goodness of cucumber. Since cucumber is so important for the skin why not make use of it in its natural state? Cut thin slices of cucumber and place them on your face making sure to get a full coverage. Place slices over your eyes as well. Cucumber has cooling properties and also helps firm the skin. This is beneficial in slowing down the formation of wrinkles.



There is no end to the goodness of honey. As a skin treatment ingredient honey has always proved to be one of the best. Not only as a nourishing ingredient but also as an anti-aging product. As one of the kitchen ingredients that are better than creams honey not only moisturizes but also promotes the growth of new skin cells. Apply on the face and leave for five to ten minute. Wash using warm water.


Green Tea

There is much talk about green tea being a good aid in shedding fat. But did you know that this beverage has anti-aging qualities as well? The rich content of antioxidants in green tea makes it an effective skin toner. Steep two teabags of green tea and allow the liquid to cool. You can rinse your face with the tea or freeze it to make cubes. Rub the cubes on the face to get a cooling effect and an antioxidant treatment.


Yogurt Moisturising And Nourishing

This is what yogurt is all about. It keeps the moisture intact and gives elasticity to the skin and these two qualities are a must to have youthful skin. Apply plain yogurt or mix in some oatmeal flour to it. Allow to rest for ten to fifteen minutes and wash off using warm water.



Water is probably the most important ingredient of all. The deficiency of water will leave your skin looking dry, patchy and wrinkled. To have a good skin texture and maintain its elasticity it is important to keep the skin hydrated from within. Hence make sure to get your daily dose of at least eight glasses of water.

Youthful and beautiful skin is all about a good care regime. You need not spend half your income to get that glowing look. The many kitchen ingredients that are better than creams will help you achieve healthy skin and also keep the aging process well within control.

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