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9 Yoga Poses For Healthy Glowing Skin

Beauty always comes from within. And in order to get that glow from within, you need a workout for your body and soul. Yoga is one of the best ways to get glowing skin. Yoga for skin glow is a concept that is effective and increasingly catching up with young men and women.

You can be glowing from outside only when you are healthy from within. These yoga poses for glowing skin improve your internal health giving you a natural glow of good health.


Yoga poses for healthy skin work on your skin from the inside. First of all, these yoga asanas improve your blood circulation. They also help you to recharge your skin cells. It helps expel the toxins from your skin and gives you radiant skin. Most of these yoga poses for glowing skin help you to get rid of stress so that you can look healthy.

Yoga does not only help you take care of your health but also slows down the process of ageing. You can actually look really good if you practice yoga on a regular basis. De-stressing is a huge element of looking better and healthy. Here is a list of the yoga poses for skin glow that you should practice.



Sitting in the lotus position and meditating can actually reduce your stress levels phenomenally. You should definitely try out this simple yoga pose to look good.



Sukhasana is the pose in which you actually sit at ease. This position relaxes your facial muscles and helps you to avoid early wrinkles.


Varun Mudra

The varun mudra of yoga balances the water element of the body. It gives you glowing skin by making the fluids in your body flow and keeping your skin moisturised.



Breathing deeply is one of the best ways to get more oxygen into your system. When you have more oxygen, the skin cells are able to breathe and thus, you get a natural glow.


Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar is a complete workout for your skin and body. You can expel toxic fat from your system by doing surya namaskar every day.



The complete headstand is a very effective pose as it makes the blood flow towards your brain. This helps your skin to get rejuvenated.



The shoulder stand is also a very good way to make you blood flow back and forth. The shoulder stand pose helps to improve blood circulation to you face.



To do halasana, you have to bend your body like a plough. Doing this makes your digestive process faster. A good rate of metabolism is imperative for having glowing skin.



The corpse pose is a very effective way cool down after a workout. This yoga pose helps to relax all the muscles of your body because you are pretending to be a dead body. This can be very relaxing for your skin.

Story first published: Monday, July 7, 2014, 22:16 [IST]
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